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Fiber Broadband Installation (shifting house)

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Fiber Broadband Installation (shifting house)



I have recontracted my broadband in Oct 2014. Prior to recontract my plan, I was using the cable broadband. However, the sales person who has spoken to me told me that Fiber is faster and better. I told that person my concern on the installation fee incurs when I move house. The sales person told me that Starhub can do a waiver on the charges. As for the OpenNet charges, it will be based on case-by-case basis. With this assurance, I am being convinced to upgrade my cable to fiber broadband.


However, my recent conversation with the Customer Service Officer, I have informed her that my new house is Fiber Ready and therefore no installation is required. She told me that this is case, Starhub charges cannot be waived. This is ridiculous because initially, I decided to go with Fiber when I was told the Starhub charges can be waived. Then now when I have already recontracted, and will be moving house, the house is already Fiber ready. I am like being conned to upgrade to Fiber. If I sticked to cable, I won't have portability issue and extra hidden costs from Starhub since cable does not required any installation.


Also, during that conservation I have told that customer service officer to ask that sales person to call me. She said the sales person will call me within 24 to 48 hours. Till to-date, I have yet to receive any call from the Customer service officer or the sales person.


Please help to expediate.


Thank you.

Community Manager

Re: Fiber Broadband Installation (shifting house)

Hi @Lim_e

We note that our colleague is currently looking into your concern. Please be assured that they will get back to you once they have the update. Thank you for your patience and understanding while waiting.

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