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Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Isn't this a general knowledge 1gbps referred to only wired / Lan connection only.


The current wireless technology 802.11ac is still not able to achieve this speed yet.

Grand Guru

Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

For wireless, it is the Device that do have limit on the speed.

802.11ac  is basically about 5GHz  bandwidth which produce high speed.

For 2.4GHz, it will interfer with home appliances, ex; oven, cordless phone.


Laptop at 300Mbps max, in my case. Speed for wireless about 200Mbps. (802.11ac)

High-end laptop may have speed limit below 1Gbps.

Mobile handsets, S6 & Note Edge are up to 400Mbps, with 802.11ac.


We are going too fast as not many devices are able to support/reach 1Gbps.

Device manufacturer do not produce higher speed as there are no demand.

But only in country like Singapore.

Even in US &or western country(s), most are still below the 100Mbps.

What is the point to have high speed but no devices supporting it.


Finally, 1Gbps mean the total for one user, and not by devices.

There will be a split when more devices are connected and using at the same time.

Router are able to detect and provide higher speed for the device that required, such as heavy downloading; and less for those which are streaming.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.