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Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

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Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Hello everyone,


I want to share my bad experience of Starhub broadband 1Gbps promotion so you can make wise decison when you plan to sign or recontract to this package.


Starhub installed D-Link DIR-868L as free router for the 1Gbps firbre broadband @$49.9/month for me on Aug 6. However, I test wifi speed several times and the wifi can only reach 280Mbps maximum. I called Starhub hotline and they asked me to call D-Link because the cable speed can reach 800M. Then I called Dlink hotline and this is the message from Dlink technical support:


- Informed him about the wireless network 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz can't get connection speed more than 300 Mbps
- He can get the full connection speed only when using network cable from computer to router

Thank you for contacting the D-Link Tech Support Team!

Jason Pua


I called Starhub hotline 1633 three times and they still claim this router can support 1Gbps via WIFI and asked me to check with D-Link again. I called DLink again and get the same message from an India hotline lady saying the same: this router can only get around 300Mbps speed. I call Starhub hotline again and Starhub said if I insist to have better speed, I need buy a new router by myself since this router is free and Starhub can not change to another model to me. I asked the hotline how to escalate this case to get it solved and hotline said there is no escalation channel. I asked the hotline how to complain this fake promotion since I will never get 1Gbps speed unless using cable and hotline said there is no complaint channel. I requested to talk to the Starhub person in charge or management and hotline said I can wait for the call back but no guarantee that PIC or management will call me back.


This is totally unacceptable as a promotion. Starhub as the promotion owner need ensure your promotion message is ture and not cheating to consumers. If this 1Gbps is only for cable, you should say it clearly. If you offer a router as the promotion package, then you should test and verify the product capability. The most unacceptable thing is when your hotline got my feedback that DLink said this router can't support to 1Gbps, your hotline doen't care and just ask me to buy a new one by myself!!!!!! Then what is the point for your promotion?


Everyone, if you are using broadband mainly via WIFI like me, pls re-consider if you want to buy this 1Gbps because most likely you can only get 300Mbps maximum through WIFI. I saw the website change the router model to DIR-890L now, but I am not sure if Starhub tested it or not. Can this DIR-890L reach to 1Gbps? Really need to be carefull. No point to spend more for 1 Gbps while you can only use 300Mbps. 


Really a disappoitment for this promotion.


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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Hi  @DragonLong


For your info.


Wifi connection speed is depend on the device itself.

Mine is on 500Mbps plan, on DIR-868L.

My laptop for wifi is max 300Mbps, and i am getting about 200Mbps.

As for Samsung Note Edge speed is around 400Mbps.

Even S6 could manage around 300Mbps.

Hence, do check on your devices what is the max it can go.


Recently i have another DIR-868L, and did connect wireless between both router.

One of the router is repeater by wireless, as locate in my bedroom.

On using wired connection from the repeater to laptop, it do reach 500Mbps.


So, for wireless connection, it is based on between the router wireless and the devices.

As you mentioned wired is getting 800Mbps, this mean the connection is good.

And for wireless, this is the hardware, router issue.

For speedtest, link to Starhub:


Not all phones could have such as high connection speed, as some may go below 50Mbps.


Do take note that for this router, there are 2 bands, namely 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

For me, i reply on 5GHz to have a higher speed.


There are also interference on the router to transmit signal.

Router wireless work better in higher position.

Also the surrounding should not be block and no other interference devices such as cordless phone, nearby.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

You have to read all the fine prints too.

typical Internet speed.

you won't get anywhere near 1Gbps for international speed.


Then there are:

Fibre termination point installation worth $481.50.

(which you don't get FREE if you already have the fibre point)


Service activation fee of $53.50 applies for Home Broadband.

(which you have to pay additional if you sign up individual broadband plans)



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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Hi @eric3743,


I am using Mac Air which supports 802.11ac to test broadband speed. Also I tested the speed with iPhone 6s. Both testing showed less than 300Mbps through WIFI. Just because I have all the latest laptop, Smartphone that support 802.11ac, I signed this 1Gbps broadband package. Seriously this routher can't support 802.11ac high speed. I don't know how Starhub can qualify this router to do Gigabite wifi promotion....



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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Hi @Onyx88,


I am not testing the internation speed. I am using to test the speed with local server. And I am not expecting 1000Mbps with the speed testing, and i think 600~700Mbps should be the reasonable one. However, the local speed is only less than 300Mbps through WIFI so far.


Also I have installed the firber termination point long long long time ago so this is not done by Starhub this time.



Never the less, my point here is to share to more consumers that this 1Gbps promotion is not worth it if users are mainly using broadband through WIFI, unless Starhub can carefully test and qualify a better router for 802.11ac.

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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

I dont know about you guy's

But i can get my near 1Gb speed like in the picture

20160624_220032 1.jpg


I am using HomeHub 1000





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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

as long as u get "closes" to 1 gbps by direct connection thru lan port of router..1 gbps internet have done his jobs!

as for wifi it do very dependent on lots of factor! 


1) lots of electronic devices ( cordless phone, breezer...even webcam) near to router can "cutdown"/limits wifi performence.

2) limits of client "designed" links speed ( most of the time ..max 80% of netgate a6200 adapter links at max 866mbps..max speed only around 700 mbps if under non-peak hr..most of the time around 400 mbps)

3) latest router n better/higher internet speed can help to "serve" more clients at the same time n better range, but not much speed boost from internet connection ( compare to dir868l (300mps) upgrade to dir890l(1 gbps)).






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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

8 months free 1gbps fibre promotion now.

2 days only.

finally SH match up to ST.

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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

It is just two days to this new 1GBPS connection and all my work is stuck now !! I feel cheated in the name of great speed !


I will never recommend anyone to go for 1 GBPS connection which just a trap !


I am either going to drop this connection or else switch to 500mbps only as it is better than FIBRE connection... simply frustating and waste of money.... The funny part is even trying speed test from Starhub certified website, the speedometer is struggling to get the speed for ages !! pathetic to be precise !!!

Starhub  Speed Test.png

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Re: Fake Promotion: 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month

Hi @Aryan. we are sorry for experience you had. Does it persists over wired connection? Let me know via PM along with the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN, email address and contact number. We'll be in touch. - Sofia