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Extremely slow internet

Valued Commentator

Extremely slow internet

Hi, I’m experiencing extremely slow internet connection for a week now. (1GB fibre)

I ran multiple internet speed tests for a couple of days, both wifi and LAN:


1. It even took more than 3 min to access the simple internet speed test page, and due to slow speed, it failed to check the speed for several times.


2. The results are, 

0.1Mbps-0.3Mbps for download, which is 2-300 times slower than previous test.


I am even not able to use google or fb now.

It is good to be without internet for 1-2 days to have family time....but a week is too much.

This week I had to use mobile data for a conference call that I had at night, because I failed to connect the system, even login page...


Could anyone kindly solve this problem please?


Community Manager

Re: Extremely slow internet

Hi hyunwool, please PM us the subscriber name, service address, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance. 

Meanwhile, please restart the ONT and router to see if it helps.