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End of contract joke

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End of contract joke

So my contract is finishing next week. Already paid for this 24th month and went to settle disconnection fee and return modem. Now guess what - you cannot give your notice to terminate on contract end date. You cannot return your modem early without incurring early termination fee. You cannot bring your modem after that date - they will pro rate you for next month. This is some really ridiculous stuff. A scam, just to squeeze few extra sgd out of you. If im leaving country, what forces me to actually even bother returning the modem - i m doing you a favor paying up and returning early and you are punishing me? This is a joke. Terrible customer service not in par with reputable company you claim to be


Grand Guru

Re: End of contract joke



A Contract is bound by Law.


Let's not jump &or assumed to conclusion.

Assumption without having the facts is not adviceable.


CS has the duty to inform these if service is terminated or end prematurely.

CS is not well verse in accounting and agreements.

It is the Acct & Billing dept in charge on this matter.


Another fact is the Contract stated on termination charges.

Termination charges is based on having to pay 24 months completely.

Hence it is better to clarify what you are not sure and what is the final cost.

If everything is in order then there is nothing to worry.

Customers do have their rights.



Just my opinion and saying.


I am not starhub staff.

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Re: End of contract joke

You are entitled to your opinion - but if I paid my dues (24 months paid), come in to settle and leave modem even earlier, for their benefit, week before contract ends - and CS is telling me early termination charges apply, then i don't know should I laugh? Can't you just terminate it 5 days later, so it is not annoying for me? I already paid what i owed, so i rightfuly expect ridiculousnes like this to not take place! This looks like pure scam, no client friendly approach, either bring it in on exact date, or pay exyra bucks. And cs is telling me, to not pay this, come in in 5 days! Cannot believe thing like this is happening.