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Early termination of TV/broadband

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Early termination of TV/broadband

After numerous encounters with poor service via the hotline, I'm giving this community a go to see if it's more efficient, more accurate, and more reliable. For some reasons, the hotline CSOs could never be sure of anything when it comes to procedures, and I tend to get different answers from different CSOs, which end up to be inaccurate anyway, causing me more troubles. I could go on, but that's a story for another day. 


Back to current issue.


Brief background: Subscriber has to do early termination and intends to arrange for collection of equipments on site, but subscriber is not in Singapore, will not be present during collection, and is unlikely to be able to call the hotline personally. Instead, subscriber's family member will be at home to facilitate (and sign any documents if needed).


What I already know: 

  • Penalty charges (dependent on termination date)
  • Disconnection fee ($30 + gst)
  • On site collection of equipments ($53.50) 


What I want to find out: 

  • Any other charges I need to know of (I'm not the subscriber but I can provide information if needed)
  • Is it possible to terminate without visiting the shop personally (further details below -- Details A)
  • If possible, what documents are required, when to submit, where/who to submit to


Details A

I have called in twice to enquire on procedures, with the second call (made today), but am still waiting for the final answer. To give the CSO credit, he did call me back, but the line had problems in the middle and I have no way to reach him. 


First call: Told me about the related charges, and that I need to prepare a letter of authorization + subscriber's ID copy to authorise the family member

Second call: Told me about the related charges, collection is possible but follow-up instructions for termination will be advised by technician (really?!), and that I would still need to go down to the starhub shop personally to submit the LOA to authorise myself to handle the termination. 


Clarifications needed:

  1. We're arranging for collection so that there is no need to waste time queuing at the shop. So I do not see the logic behind me having to go to the starhub shop personally after collection is done. 
  2. Can the LOA not be submitted to the technician on the collection date?
  3. Should the LOA be authorising the family member or myself? Or both? (I'm the one who called in as they do not speak the local languages)


Btw, for this case (and previous cases handled), none of the CSOs could give a definite answer on such procedures. One even asked me to visit the shop to check for more accurate information. What is the point of having a help center that cannot help? I find this to be a major problem as it has come to a point where I cannot bring myself to trust the advice/instructions given by the CSOs, and it is too much of a hassle to personally visit the shops for advices. 


Re: Early termination of TV/broadband

Hi @MinQ 


I'm sorry that you've had difficulties getting the information needed for this special circumstance where the subscriber is not around. Since I do not have access to the account, I can only share what I can based on your post and will have to direct you to the customer care team if you need further clarification. 



  1. We no longer process termination of Fibre TV / Broadband via home appointments as this can already be done at our StarHub Shops 
  2. In case the subscriber is not around to do this personally, he/she can write a Letter of Authorisation (LoA) indicating his/her own full name, document ID (e.g. NRIC), the authorised person's full name and document ID, the exact transaction(s) required, and in this case, an acknowledge all charges including the early termination fee (ETC). The signed LoA, along with both subscriber and authorised person's identity document, must be presented at the shop along with all the equipment to be returned, which depends on the service being terminate e.g. Fibre TV, Fibre Broadband or both. 
  3. Charges-wise, aside from disconnection and ETC, loss of equipment charge may be levied if there are missing / damaged items:
    1. Loss of ONT
      • ONT: $235.40 or
      • Voice-enabled ONT: $256.80
    2. Loss of TV Set-Top Box: $321.00
    3. Minor Damage on Set-Top Box - $32.10
    4. Power Adapter - $16.05
    5. Remote Control - $16.05
  4. The person who is visiting the shop with the equipment to be returned, needs to be the authorised person in the LoA. 


Since I have no visibility to the account in question, I would strongly suggest having the relevant team look into this again. Please send us a message via Facebook ( with the subscriber's full name, Hub ID and postal code where the service(s) are installed. Make reference to this post and we'll have someone advise you from there. 


I understand that there will be some inconvenience since the subscriber is not around. However, we need to also safeguard our subscribers from any unauthorised modification including termination of services. 


Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub Smiley Happy

Senior Commentator

Re: Early termination of TV/broadband

Thank you for the quick and clear reply, Howard. 

Seems like this is a better platform to get clear answers and reliable recommendations afterall.


I understand the need to safeguard subscribers, but it is disappointing to hear that Starhub cannot process this without us visiting the shop personally. 

Since we need to visit personally,  I guess there is no point in arranging for the collection.


Anyway, I am heeding your advice, and will be contacting through facebook.

We'll see how it goes from there. 

Thanks again for clarifying.


Re: Early termination of TV/broadband

Hi @MinQ 


I'm sorry that I couldn't immediately address the need to avoid visiting the shop. 

Perhaps you can explain the circumstances of the matter to my colleagues over Facebook. 

I will also alert them to your post here and have them consider what is the best option for you. 

If you still cannot address this satisfactorily, please feel free to send me a message. I will see what I can do to help! 

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub Smiley Happy