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Dual Broadband

Honored Commentator

Dual Broadband

I applied for StarHub Dual Home Broad and last Saturday 15th Aug yr man came to instal it. He left before I could test it, he told me after 10mins I can use it when the amber light at the router turns green. Until today I am not able to use. I call 1633 from last Saturday and almost everyday, bcos they said they will get the technical people to call me back until today nothing is being done.
I had enough of these you make us hold on and later the line was cut and they did not bother to call us
You make us very upset. Please terminate my internet service with Starhub. I do not want use yr service anymore.
Community Manager

Re: Dual Broadband

Hi Zkhin

Our technical team tried to contact you previously but you were overseas. Can i check if everything is good and well?
Honored Commentator

Re: Dual Broadband

No the fibre broadband is not working since the day it was installed. I am the applicant and I am in Singapore and I am the one who been calling from the day it was installed, the customer service call me and told me the technical people will call me until today they didnt call.
Why didnt the customer service officer informed the technical people to call me, I told them thats my husband number and he is overseas.

Very disappointing.

Esteemed Commentator

Re: Dual Broadband

Totally agree with u, Zkhin! they always have the standard reply whenever u call "We will arrange for some one to call u back within 24 hours".. But they Never call back! never!


I have to call them to chase after them to get a simple task done( setting up an appointment to deliver my Hub station box which they left out)

Grand Guru

Re: Dual Broadband

This is just another BAD service.


In my case, the Starhub technician told me he had to wait for their end (include NetLink Trust) to completely turn on before going to the customer location.


After he completed the installation, he show me the Speed test, on his laptop to ensure my plan is correct.

To ensure not to have any problems, i request the technician to do the setup & config on my laptop.

When the speed test is correct, then i sign off the form.


It seem that Starhub are having all sort of problems & not conform to Procedure.


In your case, may be there are connection problem.

That is why he mentioned to wait, as he need to go back to his office to check.

Take note. The start of this service is when the activation is good.

This is what the technician told me after instalation on both fibre & TV services.