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Down since 28 Jan 13

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Down since 28 Jan 13

I am tearing my hair out for this one....


I am originally subscribed to the Maxinfinity Ultimate 100mbps. Due to the poor performance and serious limitations of the Huawei RG that was provided by Starhub during initial signup, I had requested that they provision for me to use my own router instead. Everything was fine and dandy for a couple of months.


Then it was time to recontract. I was advised by a CSO at the Clementi Mall Starhub outlet that there is a promo fot Maxinfinity Elite 150mbps, making it the same price as that of 100mbps. Before signing up to recontract, I highlighted that my connection is provisioned for direct ONT to own router connection. He said no problem. That was on 19 Jan 13.


On 28 Jan 13 morning, I woke up to no connection. My own Apple Extreme router indicated there is no internet connection. Rebooting both the router and the ONT did nothing to estab connection.


First called Starhub 1633 on 28 Jan 13 evening. After listening to my problem, the staff said he will check and get someone to call back.


Noone called back. I had to call 1633 again. Spoke to a staff who seemed to know what she is talking about. Suspecting that provisioning was done improperly, she got me up with maxonline bb for the time being while the issue is being resolved.


Only the problem was not resolved. Following that, numerous calls were made to 1633, with no one the wiser on the issue and could not provide a resolution. That, plus the fact that I have to repeat my whole story to whoever picked up my calls, is really testing my patience. They do not give me the feeling that they understand technical issues or are able to do anything to help. Got this feeling that these guys are put to answer calls and let irate customers blow off steam at them! 


Finally they arranged for someone to come down to take a look, only that the staff that came was not briefed at all on my issue and was told to come down and replace the RG! In the end he replaced the ONT, which did nothing to resolve the lost connectivity.


And it is one week since I do not have connection. Should I have known that this would be so problematic, I would not have recontracted, but went to another ISP. Extremely disappointed given that I am also a starhub shareholder.





Hub Master

Re: Down since 28 Jan 13

Hey Toh

Could you leave your contact details at StarHubCares? I will get my team to assist you further on this matter.
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