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Digital voice home down again!

Senior Contributor

Digital voice home down again!

In the past a few months I  found my digital voice home line was very unstable, it worked a few days,  then stopped,  there was no dial tone; when people called my phone line, I was told that there was no tone at all. 


Called 1633 a few times, just told me to turn off/on my modem, sometimes it worked, but most of the time it is not.


Wonder if other people have similar problems? Can you share your experiences? BTW, this digital voice line comes with my 1G fiber broadband contract but uses a separate cable modem.


Please help





Alumni (Retired)

Re: Digital voice home down again!

Hi David44, can you PM me with your details so I can look into this for you? I'll need your name, NRIC/FIN, email, mobile and StarHub account number.

- Sal