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DIR865L Router

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DIR865L Router

Hi Howard,


I may have posted my question in the wrong place.


I am trying to locate a DIR865L router to replace the N5402S as recommended by your technical people. Where do I find one? I have called everywhere, most places have not even heard of that model.



Paul J. Willemse


Hub Expert

Re: DIR865L Router

Paul, is there a reason you want only the 865? There are several others out there that you can also use. Happy to make some recommendations (in my personal capacity) if you let me know what kind of budget you have in mind.




- Varun.


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Re: DIR865L Router See the bottom of the page in the link. Call then up. StarHub customers if I am not wrong has a discount. See this link for a review ( Just to let you know on the performance compared to other routers).

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Re: Starhub recommended +

Hi Varun,


I have no preferences, what I need is the WAN IP address of my client. I am a financial software developer and I have setup a psuedo webserver to allow my clients to access and test the software I write for them. The software is highly confidential and I need that WAN address - it is supplied to me by the client- as one of the safety features. My HuaWei router gave me that WAN IP but it failed recently and was replaced by a N5402SP router that only gives me the router IP, not the WAN IP. I can no longer verify my client's ID so they will stop using my services.


Starthub recommended the DIR865L Router but can not supply it. It is apparently only available to new signups via a redemption centre. So I am stuck...





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Re: Starhub recommended +

Paul, rsn (above) has a more informative answer than mine. :-)


- V.


My posts represent ONLY my own opinions.
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Re: Starhub recommended +

Hi Plato

StarHub is using dynamic IP address instead of static for consumer thus your WAN address may change from time to time.

Anyway if you are looking for your WAN IP on your DVG N5402SP you can follow the below step to retrieve it.
1. Login to your router admin page (
Default username: admin
Default password: password
2. Once inside click at the Tab call "Status"
3. Under WAN Port Information look for WAN Connection
4. Click on the drop down menu change it to internet.
5. You WAN IP will be display under IP Address.

Hope that help you Smiley Happy
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Re: Starhub recommended +

Hi Lawrence,


I am aware that my IP address is dynamic and it does not present a problem.


I need the remote IP address for security purposes, so I can positively identify the machine that is acessing my server.