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Re: DIR-890L

Yes.they have it...when login to setting show hardware version: A1
firmware : "0.01SH" instead of 1.0***, i will ask Dlink staff to keep the
original firmware untouch b4 release it to me...SH version sure causing all
this mess!
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Re: DIR-890L

If Dlink SG has customized sets for SH, you'll probably get the same box again since under SH contract.

yours is the black/grey model?

retailers are the black/red model.

Also the dlink helpdesk (dunno located in which country) would probably not know what SH firmware is, thus point that as the problem.

i had called the helpdesk b4 when I thought mine wasn't working. The helpdesk didn't even know 1.09 is available, say they only have 1.07 firmware. Thus ask me to downgrade firmware, which I didn't, cos' I realised later it was some connection issue.

so take a pinch of salt from the helpdesk advice, cos' they wouldn't know your network setup.


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Re: DIR-890L

Hi! Onyx88 is your dir 890l under firmware 1.09 now?

if is the performance of this firmware?

if samsung devices like galaxy 6..note5 can access ezly..i will flash 1.09 into my dir890l !

i don't expect full speed wireless from this model...seen like it have wireless connection since the day it launch...regardsless of which firmware u hv flashed!

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Re: DIR-890L

Yes, on 1.09 now.

seems working fine, don't know what's the difference with other firmware.

if you want best speed, recommended that you disable smart connect.

smart connect will probably give you best coverage , but not best speed.

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Re: DIR-890L

hahaha..seen sh version not working for me, anything that give some life to
this machine is an "ace" to me..thks when i get my "last" replacement set i
will flash with 1.09.
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Re: DIR-890L

just replace my dir890l --- black to dir890l---red (lucky shot, they only hv 1 in service ctr simlim square).


unbox...firmware 1.08 original dlink firmware --- no lucks for my samsung devices (note5, galaxy s5 same full link but can't go internet).


try 1.01 fail!

try 1.07 fail!

skip all starhub firmware!

try 1.09 ---- still ok until now --- but autozoning button M.I.A (not working anyway).


hope this help! bye!

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Re: DIR-890L

Hi all Smiley Happy


For my case on friday StarHub finally sent a technician down and clean up thier own mess 

the on site service is ALL FREE (don't expect me to pay for the poop)

all the devices which cannot work...NOW are working so far so good

".... is a little small matter only " said  the SH technician and 100% guaranteed it will not happen again

A easy job need two weeks to solve and keep pushing fault on my devices

TWO WEEKS of running around like a headless chicken ...Well done Starhub!


NOW plugin a cat 6 cable from router to desktop still only get below 100 Mpbs.The starhub technician 101% confirmed is not thier Acer came on monday and change a Whole New Motherboard on my desktop ....still get below 100 Mpbs ... ask Acer to bring back and test at thier side ...first test 949 mpbs/476 mbps ....will wait for the outcome tomorrow and my two....Thumb up StarHub!


My Dir 890L version 1.07



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Re: DIR-890L

Is it possible to ask for my IP Address to be changed?
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Re: DIR-890L

Just need to off mo"dam" for few hr, there will get u new ip if i not wrong...dynamic ip!
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Re: DIR-890L

will be better if u set your free dns acc, no matter what IP starhub assign to your "router", it can be reach ezly!