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DIR-850L Update screwed up

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DIR-850L Update screwed up

My Router is the starhub provided D-link DIR-850L

I was updating the router to the latest patch, which is the security advisory update 2.10SG. Of which the instruction was to install the transition update FW208SGb01, the device managed to lock me out after the update. Since my password was locked out, I tried factory reset to try to default it. After searching online for way to unlock it to continue the installation of the main update.

Did I managed to bricked my device? Are there any way to revert the damage? And also how to continue the update, if any.

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Re: DIR-850L Update screwed up



Sorry to add this important info to my last post to you.


The password is the same as the one indicated on the white label of the Router itself.


Check the router on the label sticker for the password in exact.


This is a new features for all firmware updates.



Should you still encountered do contact Starhub Broadband tech support to refresh your IP.



My Router DIR-868L after the latest firmware update, the wireless do have improved alot.





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Re: DIR-850L Update screwed up



Actually i am referring to another post with similar issue to yours.



Slow internet speed for 1Gbps plan


As it is also using DIR-850L router and having connection problem.


For more details you may refer to that thread for more details.


There is link to the official Starhub firmware.



If you still problem, you can contact DLink Tech support and mentioned you are Starhub customer.




I am not starhub staff.

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Re: DIR-850L Update screwed up

I did try the password on the label. Basically did the basic tech support troubleshooting.
I did download the official download from the old FB announcement for the security update, which brings me to the d-link page which I had downloaded the "B package". But the installation process might have gone into an error. Cos I wasn't able to login, and after the "troubleshooting", (which included reseting the router and trying to get into the recovery mode) the login screen has nothing on it, only the top bar where the router details are and the software number of 2.08SG.

could my internet config be the cause of it? I had pushed the update via LAN. (main connection to Internet using ASUS router with starhub's old D-link DIR-865 acting as a AP/repeater. Main PC used to push update is about 1 router away.)

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Re: DIR-850L Update screwed up

I see your problem lies in the internet connection.

Please read in full before proceeding as to see where you may start from.



Do direct connect from ONT to WAN port of DIR-850L and LAN port to Computer.

That is no other routers in-between.

Note: Login to Router setting require active internet connection and to avoid any interference from any other routers in-between.



Do a Factory Reset, meaning to use a pin to push+hold in the router reset hole for 10+ seconds &or router power indicator light turn to amber (best indication).

Then power off the router and remove the power supply from the power source.

Wait about 1 minute and then reconnect the power supply to the power source, wall.

Power on the Router and try to see if you can login using various passwords.

Such as indicated on the white label, blank, previous if any.


Should the login to the router setting is successful, then continue to the next firmware update.



Have you consult DLink tech support on this issue you have encountered.

If not do contact them as they are 24/7 hotline 6501 4200 (press 2).



Do note you can redo the firmware update as it would not be any issue.

Unless you use an unofficial firmware from other sources.



Hope you can recover from this.


Have some patience in the updating of firmware.