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D-Link DIR-865L

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L


Seems like you still find the Asus AC66U better in Wifi range. My setup also has my router in the living room next to the TV, DVD etc and separated from my work area by a wall.

Do you have performance numbers for the AC66U that you can share? Thanks.
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi All,


I am an amateur with all this networking & router stuff.

So i was wondering the following:

Would it be possible to use the current bridged router as an extender, once the  Dlink 865L arrives?

So the set up would be:

ONT - DVG -  Dlink 865L - extender(2nd router)

Connection between DVG -  Dlink 865 would be bridged WAN - LAN, using cable

How would be connection between  Dlink 865L - router (as extender) be, can that be over wifi?






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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

You can use it as an extender. If it can be done on WiFi depends on your existing router model.

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi mlim,

In terms of wireless speed, both AC66U and 865L performs similarly, provided both have good signal.

AC66U definitely has a better wireless range I think mainly due to the external antenna. So if your computer is able to get good wireless signal, both routers perform similarly. For devices further away, the AC66U would pull ahead due to better wireless signal.

Hope that helps!
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

bro zhlau, may i check if your results were achieved from direct ONT or bridging?
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi NosLeD,


I am using direct ONT.

Previously i was connecting direct to ONT using VLAN Tagging on AC66U. I did not find any major difference in terms of speed though.


For the 865L, i don't think there is VLAN Tagging so if you want to connect directly to ONT, best bet is to call starhub.

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Thanks zhlau! I'm currently using cable and once I'm in the toilet I can't get wifi connection. Hence I'm holding back on upgrade due to wifi issues. I guess I can now patiently wait for SH to provide 865L to new customers.
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi mlim

Seem like your toilet might be a blind spot. What router are you using now?
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Pleased to do a quick report on the 865L trial.


First, I am on a 100Mbps plan using the packaged 5402 as RG (with DV).


Next, my favourite network configuration is AP, i.e. 5402 is used purely as gateway and DHCP server (no wireless). From 5402, I can connect a variety of routers (including Asus N56U, TP-Link WDR4300) all configured as AP. For far end, I use the WDS feature (basically wireless repeater) readily available in TP-Link products.


Before I collected the 865L, I have more or less settled down with (1) TP/ONT/5402 in the living room; (2) wired to TP-Link WDR4300 (dualband N750) in my study room (next to living room); (3) WDS to TP-Link WR740N (2.4Mbps N150) in master bedroom (far end). Overall, good coverage with decent speed.


Now enter the 865L.


After some trial and error, the 865L alone works wonderfully in my study room. The 5GHz coverage is very much better than other dual band routers I have tried before.


Running the AC dongle on my i7 laptop (Win 8), I was able to get 100Mbps both ways.


As reported by kon_sg, I encountered similar kind of roaming problems when the 865L is connected into the network with other routers. But now I can get decent coverage and speed with 865L alone, I will just bury the problem for the time being. ;-)


Overall, I am satisfied with this pair of AC router/dongle. And I will make progressive update as I do more experiments.

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi elyap. What's the result without the AC dongle?
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