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D-Link DIR-865L

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Re: D-Link DIR865L

Just finished setting up DIR 865L thru bridging to N5402SP....initial thought, very promising results than N5402SP!


I'm using Sony Xperia SP to do speedtest (it can recognise both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz SSID)

Will try DWA-182 soon.


5Ghz band


Close range to DIR865L

Ping 7ms, Download speed 109.57Mbps, Upload speed 105.23Mbps


Kitchen (farthest from DIR865L)

Ping 11ms, Download speed 62.73Mbps, Upload speed 53.72Mbps




Close range to DIR865L

Ping 8ms, Download speed 51.64Mbps, Upload speed 49.55Mbps



Kitchen (farthest from DIR865L)

Ping 11ms, Download speed 39.34Mbps, Upload speed 15.89Mbps



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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Have been using the 865 as an access point connected LAN-LAN with the 5402 acting as the main router connected to ONT. This configuration is due to having the digital voice home service.


Initial .11n wifi level measurements using inSIDDer on my laptop at various locations shows the 865 to be on par with the 5402. At very distant locations the 865 is actually a bit less than the 5402, probably due to the high gain antennae on the 5402. Have only managed signal level tests to this point but will also do throughput tests soon. It might be that the 865 can dig out information at lower signal levels than the 5402 can.


Overall performance is quite good. During the evening we can have 10-15 different devices connected to the .11n network. No one in the family has reported any issues to date with normal usage.


Have also tried the .11ac on the same laptop using the supplied 182 adapter. I have been able to max out my 100Mbps service using ookla speedtest singapore servers. I actually managed 108Mbps download at times so either the measurement is off or StarHub is providing a little bonus bandwidth. This with about a 3 meter distance from 865 to 182 dongle. Quite nice but not a real test of the wifi limits. This might be a good time to upgrade my fibre plan!


I would like to use the Guest Zone of the 865 but unfortunately this zone is automatically assigned a different segment (196.168.7.x) whereas the LAN-LAN link resides on 192.168.1.x. Would be nice to have as the kids friends are always around and wanting internet access. Will bridging the 5402 LAN to 865 WAN and setting DMZ help with the guest zone? Or is this something only direct ONT will fix?


Current firmware is 1.04. DLINK site has 1.05b07 available. The claim is that some security vulnerabilities have been patched. Has anyone tried this new version?

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

@Threndor wrote:


Have also tried the .11ac on the same laptop using the supplied 182 adapter. I have been able to max out my 100Mbps service using ookla speedtest singapore servers. I actually managed 108Mbps download at times so either the measurement is off or StarHub is providing a little bonus bandwidth. 

We do provide some bonus bandwidth... :-) Glad you like the 865.

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

BTW can anyone recommend a free client-server based transmission measurement application? I would like to set up a server on the NAS and client on my computer to get a good measure of real wifi speed excluding the WAN. Guess it can be done by timing a file transfer but easier the better.

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Hi Guys,


I just set up mine as follows:


TP > ONT > DVG-N5402SP > DIR-865L (Wireless)


The DVG-N5402SP is in my bedroom and the DIR-865L is in the hall where my main TV and all my testings are done at.


My MaxInfinity plan is 150Mbps.


I did numerous speedtests on my HP laptop, my iPad, my iPhone5 and here are the average results:


Device      Ping      Download     Upload

HP laptop   5~7 ms    94~95 Mpbs   45~50 Mbps 

iPad        10~13 ms  35~40 Mbps   20~25 Mbps       

iPhone5     10~11 ms  19~28 Mbps   17~39 Mbps




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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

Just set up. 


Both DVG-N5402SP and DIR-865L are in the living room. My house is a 3 room flat (old design). I only did 2 location test. I'm on 100mbps plan


Right infront of router

2.4ghz -D/L- 40mbps, Up/L- 40.95mbps, Ping-10ms

5ghz- D/L-76.40mbps, Up/L- 56.23mbps, Ping- 10ms


In toilet

5ghz- D/L-76.19mbps, Up/L- 51.01mbps, Ping- 26ms

2.4ghz -D/L- 16.89mbps, Up/L- 27.70mbps, Ping-10ms


Surpise that 5ghz work better for me as compare to what I read for some user. I will try it in my room with the door closed then post the result.


Btw anyone using the storage? I plug in my thumbdrive or portable harddisk and the router detected it.(shown on the setup page) 

But when I use the shareport apps on my iphone (wifi connected), the apps said no storage detected and I also cannot access anyone of them by using the http access on browser. Can anyone help?


Re: D-Link DIR-865L

@NosLeD :  I'll ask the team to check what happened
@Threndor : How about this? Limiting factor will be your destination's harddisk speed though

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Re: D-Link DIR-865L


I need some guide. I setup twice and all fail. First I got poor connection. Then I reset and try again, I got no connection.
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Re: D-Link DIR-865L

To elyap,


I had to be contented with this setup with Homeplug workaround (DIR-655) but having < 10Mbps is nothing to be happy about considering Fibre 100 Mbps. (With 5402 I NEVER rose beyond 5 Mbps).


Will do more tests with 865L (with and without the 182 dongle).  With regards to getting better results when connected with 5GHz band; Dlink tech had been to my home couple of time and tested with their enhanced laptop/dongle and actually got much lower performance compared to 2.4 GHz. Reasons given were walls and layout of my HDB home, mirrors, whether devices used had full N specs and recommended that I would get better performance via 2.4 GHz than 5 GHz.


Its tiring but need to see if I could squeeze more speed from SH supplied devices whenever time permits.


Thanks Bro

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Re: D-Link DIR865L

IncTEh wrote

To connect directly, nucleus connect has to configure your ONT to direct ONT, which is a irreversible process.

Hi IncTEh


This re-configuration of the ONT which is a irreversible process..Will it affect and limited the future usage of the ONT.


Once re-configured it can only be used for Direct ONT  and not for any other uses ?. Thanks.