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Customer satisfaction not priority

New Commentator

Customer satisfaction not priority

A month ago, I canceled my broadband service from another service provider and signed up for Starhub's 1Gbps fiber broadband + TV + mobile broadband package. However, as I understand it, there is a connection issue at the Opennet side which requires some time to be resolved (+/- 12 weeks).


I was also told that since the fibre broadband can't be installed at the moment, as package, the TV service will also have to be delayed.


As a result, all I've had for the last month is a 1) 25Mbps cable broadband service and 2) mobile broadband which I don't use much. I guess one could say the free cable broadband service offer is admireable. Nevertheless, it leaves alot to be desired, particularly for someone who had subscribed for 1Gbps.


Frustrated and fed up with a month's worth of the slow speed, weak wifi connections, repeated disconnections and no TV, I finally called Starhub to ask if there was a way I could at least get a faster cable broadband for the time being but that I was willing to pay for it. However, I was told that would require a separate cable broadband contract for which I would have to pay a penalty for early termination when the fibre is ready. If I was not willing to pay the early termination fee, there was nothing they could do at the moment and that was that.


While I understand that Starhub is not entirely at fault for the fibre connection delay, it needs to be more accomodating and flexible for customers who have to endure months of inconvenience so they are willing to stay patient until issues are resolved.

Community Manager

Re: Customer satisfaction not priority

Hi Wil75

Have referred your matter to our sales team to check on updated status regarding delay.