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Contradicting information on relocation charges

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Contradicting information on relocation charges



When I checked your site, fibre broadband relocation charges (incl installation, activation) come up to $214. But when I called up customer care just now, I was informed the relocation charge including installation and activation is only $107, while the termination charges would be $133. From the comments I read on this site as well as starhub website, it seems like the relocation charges for fiber broadband are infact $214. Which is the actual charge? I am only moving to a different block in the same apartment, so it's just a change of block & door number in my case. Can anyone help? 





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Re: Contradicting information on relocation charges



You are confused between Relocation and Termination as both are not related.


Relocation charges is $107 that's all.

Your existing contract remain the same as no change.

This charges are payable to NetLink Trust and ISP.


Termination means total cancellation of fibre broadband contract.


Hope this clarify your misunderstanding on these matters.



I am not Starhub staff.


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Re: Contradicting information on relocation charges


Thanks for your reply Smiley Happy However, I am not really confused between
relocation and termination. While 'relocation charges' per se is only $107,
relocating to a new place also involves installation and activation right?
The star hub website specifically lists these as separate costs when you
look up for relocation fee, which when summed comes to $214.

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Re: Contradicting information on relocation charges



As the CS had already told you on 2 different charges.


Relocation is $107 that's all.

No other charges unless you add another a request for additional work.

What you have deduce is from the Fibre Broadband charges which stated as request to each item list cost.

End cost may not be final as some charges are waived.


For example:

**Service Call Base Charge is an request to do additional; that is should you want them to, say, fix the router problem for you - this is chargeable as additional task outside Relocation.


**Reconnection fee refer to customer who request for Temporary Suspension for a period.

To reconnect the service is chargeable.

Hence nothing to do with Relocation.


**Installation and Service activation are in the Relocation.



As for Termination charge.

Some customers weigh which is better in term of cost.

If termination cost is cheaper some may jump ship or recontract where if there is promotions with free 6 months free subscription.



Hence CS quoted you this as this is common request by many.


However after you make the request they will give you an quotation.

This is for your approval before the work to begin.


So don't be bother too much on the charges stated online as it is a guide to individual &or combination works for single &or multiple requests, respectively.



Recently I did request for them to do some works for me.

They send me this quotation for me to decide and approve.



- Convert phone point to data point : $26.75 + transport charge of $53.50
- Brand new data point : $107 + transport charge of $53.50
- Any other charges depending on the architecture of the house and additional workmanship would be quoted on-site by our service contractor



So should I pay for 2 transportation charges...






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Re: Contradicting information on relocation charges

Thank you so much for taking your time to explain!
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Re: Contradicting information on relocation charges

Glad you understand your rights.


Final note.

Do bear in mind if you ask / request any contractor to your location.

There is this Service Call Or transportation charges.

So do ask before they come.

Some may wavied this cost when the work is given to them.


Should you require Relocation you can request to forum staff to assist you.

As they can liaise to the correct dept in charge.

For NetLink Trust (NLT), Starhub will liaise with them.

If your new premise do have TP the NLT may not be in your premise but appt is required as to connect the cable in your block area.


Do the necessary data points and decide on the ONT & Router location.