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Congrats, StarHub! Thanks for the most frustrating experience I've had with ANY company thus far...

Grand Guru

Re: Congrats, StarHub! Thanks for the most frustrating experience I've had with ANY company thus far

There are certain ways to avoid unneccessary delay in the coming appt.


When the CS re-arrange your appt, did CS mentioned that he/she update into your profile in the System.

Nowaday, everything is using tecnology to guide human. One mistake by human, it will have chain effect.


Be as most said about Singaporean is "kiasu". Then be a bit more "kiasu".

Any anytime between now and the appt time.  When you are free and call during off-peak time.

Call HOTline CS to check on your status, meaning appointment time, devices (ONT & Router, if any).

This is to confirm that the previous CS did his/her part to log in and indicate the appt timing.

Repeat it around 1 week to your appt. This is because your appt period is one month, anything can happen.


Finally, on the day Before your appt time, call to confirm and check on the status, including if it involved 3rd party NetLink Trust, have completed their task. Also your mobile number is correct on system profile.

This will avoid unneccessary delay, if there is. Sometimes delay do happen.

There will be a SMS msg to your mobile as indicated by you on the form, either a day earilier or on appt time.


Try to be in person to supervise the Starhub technician in installation & setup.

The technician have to show you the actual speed plan you have sign-up, using his laptop &or device.

Then you need to have your computer &or laptop.


The following is up to you;

For me, i request him to do the setting and config the router on  laptop.

Run the speed test on your laptop to confirm the speed plan is correct.

(Up to now, i do not encountered any problems for speed, except that my wireless has limit.)

Also if you mobile is with you, take one which has LTE (150Mbps) &or LTE-A (300Mbps) run speed test.

All this is to ensure every thing is tested and you are satisfied, then put your signature.

Remember to keep the work order form for reference.

Note. Not to tie the fibre as like normal cable, as it is sensitive. Confirm with the technician on this.


Prepare to Happy Surfing.

btw, i do not switch off the devices, ONT, router and Hubstation, so that i can surf anytime using mobile.


Any decision &or suggesting is up to you.



I am not Starub staff &or related to