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Comms between Router & ONT

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Comms between Router & ONT

Upgraded to Homehub 500 in end May 2015, ONT was changed to a black-coloured one with voice.  Since then, I had been facing frequent intermitten internet connection (conection: ONT - Router - PC/Device).


I've tried 5 routers, from RT-N56U, DIR868L (3x) to RT-AC68U, I still faced the same issue.  The possibility of faulty cables has been ruled out.  I do come across error message that I am unable to get an IP from the ONT.  Other times, the connection is intermitten every few minutes, very frustrating. 


On a good day, connection seems to be fine.  Recently, I've also left the ONT switched on 24/7 and there has been no issue in the past week although I realised that download speed on starhub website has dropped to 300 plus instead of 49x in the past.  Last night the download speed was back in the range of 420 and this morning, I experienced intermitten connection again. 


Most of the time, I am able to get a connection when connected to ONT directly with a laptop.  My question, is there a possibility that my ONT is faulty as it's unable to communicate with the routers (assign IP) - chances of a faulty router is remote as I have used 5 routers already.




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Re: Comms between Router & ONT

Btw, I've called SH, was told ONT connection is alright.  Have seen other posts abt higher upload speed than download speed on speedtest and a reset of ONT at SH's end would solve the problem - if i remember correctly, the SH Community Mgr had attested that he also requested for a ONT reset to solve his connection problem.


When I requested for a ONT reset, I was told there is no such thing. I can only on/off my ONT at home and that is consider a reset.  Was also told ONT reset at SH's end is a tactic used to appease angry customers, gosh!  Is this true, why the inconsistencies huh?


Losing confidence leh.. also no stamina to follow-thru all these intermitten connection issue lah. Tired...

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Re: Comms between Router & ONT

The black ONT device is Huawei (info below the device).  (My Router is DIR865L.)


Another thing i leave both ONT & router & TV set-top box as ON  24/7.

So that at any time, i can surf and watch TV without waiting for the devices to be ready.


Comms between Router & ONT  (my opinion)

This could not be the real issue as it connect by wired between ONT & router.


My conclusion.

Only then when my problem is just a optical cable not working.

The Starhub guy explained to me about how the optical cable is very sensitive.

It should not tie it too tightly, as other cables can tie tightly.


Another thing.

If you notice that when Starhub came to install the fibre broadband, they use their laptop, include testing.

That is to say, his laptop is setting and connection is stable.

That is when i request him to do the setup on the connection (router) on my laptop.

This is to ensure that my internet setting is the same as his.


Up to now, i did not have any problem in internet connection, and is very stable.

The speed is between 150Mbps to 200Mbps, (my plan upgrade to 500Mbps).

The low speed is because my laptop wifi 5GHz is max 300Mbps.


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Re: Comms between Router & ONT

I should ask them to do on my iMac as well when they come over. 



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Re: Comms between Router & ONT


Afterall they are the Technical staff, with much experience as they do many installation & setting.

And as Technician, they also do trouble-shooting, on site.


This way, it could avoid future problem.

As the optical fibre will need to pass thru Starhub control (speed accordingly to the plan).