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Cable Broadband to Fibre Broadband conversion

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Cable Broadband to Fibre Broadband conversion


I have a Cable Broadband contract running till Feb 2014, and was planning to upgrade to a Fiber Broadband sometime soon, but had put it off due to the OpenNet installation challenges. I understand from a friend that Starhub is offering him a free coversion to Fibre, without any installation charges or Modem charges. When I called the Starhub CS, they told me that if my contract was expiring in 2013, they would have offered me the same terms, but since it expires in 2014, they will charge me for the installation and the modem device.


Can someone let me know if this is indeed the rule, or if it is just a lottery that some people get chosen for free stuff and the rest are left out?


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Re: Cable Broadband to Fibre Broadband conversion

I had a contract that was going to end in 6 months. I called starhub up and they allowed me to upgrade but I had to pay for the installation fees which is rather ridiculous fee of $53.50. I even suggested that I install it myself but they won't allow. Where else do you pay $50+ for a 5 mins service. Even pizza delivery, which has a time limit of on average an hour, cost less than 4 bucks. Starhub should seriously look into this.
I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.