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Billing issue

Trusted Commentator

Billing issue

I have upgraded from MaxOnline Exp to Maxinfinity Ult during the Comex 2013 road show. Starhub has billed me for both the MaxOnline Exp and Maxinfinity Ult service on last month bill. I have called your 1633 hotline on last month and complain that I were being charged for the MaxOnline Exp service. Your sale team (Izu) asked me to proceed with the payment and will rebate me on this month bill. On this month bill, I were being charged for both the broadband service and there is no refund of the previous payment. I will not proceed to pay for this month bill until your side send me a revised bill. I am really disappointed with the starhub service! Smiley Sad

Senior Advisor

Re: Billing issue

i was billed double. subscription $39 become $98. need pay 1 month advanced.