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Bad follow up service

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Bad follow up service

I am using Singtel broadband for 8 years and since Starhub launch in the goggle wifi so I decided to change to Starhub instead.

I went down to Starhub at Compass One in January and told the CS that I would like to sign up for the google wifi, as per your CS he advised me that for a 5 room HDB normal fiber broadband is enough, after double confirmed with him and he ensure me that is enough coverage for a 5 room flat I decided to go with the fiber broadband.

After installation sometime in end January, my kids told me that the wifi is very slow and they are unable to load Instagram or youtube in their room, so I called up Starhub and told them I would like to have the goggle wifi instead and willing to pay any extra for it.

The CS told me that I was unable to add in the goggle wifi because that is for the new sign up only, and I had also told them initially I wanted to sign up for that but the CS told me is not needed and keep explaining on and on and they said will ask the relevant department to give me a call.

One week later , they called me up and repeat the whole thing again and I was quite frustrated and told them I would like to cancel the broadband even if I have to pay a fine for it, and again they told me will ask the relevant department to call me about the cancellation.

Since February till now I had heard nothing from Starhub customer service or any relevant department and no one bother to follow up with me, I am truly disappointed with this type of service, even when I am using Singtel it never happen that my kids unable to view youtube or Instagram in the room and they are very prompt to follow up. Will cancel the service.

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Re: Bad follow up service



You may have to look for alternative arrangement to enhance your wireless coverage.

The router placement is important for to cover the whole premise.

There are many ways to add an additional routers to provide a better wireless coverage.


Google WiFi retail at $597 for 3 sets and for sign-up paying total of $360 ($15 x 24 months) instead.

For taking the Router (Linksys EA7500) as free for 1Gbps plan due to the basic cost is about the same.


If you really keen to have Google WiFi, you may consider to get it outside via other Online shops and open market place.

Usually these places are cheaper and able to customize to your needs, say getting 2 instead of 3.


For me i am using 2 routers DLink DIR-868L for my 5-room HDB flat which serve me good and stable.

The main router is placed in the living room and the other in my master bedroom via ethernet cable connection with data point.


Currently in some marketplace, this router is selling below $50 to even $20.

Beside there are plenty of other routers and mesh offer in common marketplace, as due to the fact many sellers are recontract customers with free routers upon recontract.


It is best to re-look at how best to re-locate the router or otherwise.

There are other ways to see how to improve your current situation.




i am not starhub staff.

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Re: Bad follow up service

So I should go buy an addtional router or goggle wifi?

Any good recommendation online shop?