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All green lights flashing on ONT

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All green lights flashing on ONT

There's no internet connection and all the green lights are flashing on my ONT. Was told by StarHub to wait for their return call. But can you be faster? Or will my bill also be pro rates due to your inefficient.

Had previously also called about my caller id no showing any numbers since changing to fiber and till not also no response from them.

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Re: All green lights flashing on ONT

I believe the charges would be pro-rated. and just to check with you, are all the cable connected correctly? 

or are you able to show / tell us what is connected to which port?

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Re: All green lights flashing on ONT

All connections have been left untouched. Also checked that all connections are fine.

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Re: All green lights flashing on ONT

It does not guarantee that nothing touch remain the same.


You need to physically to check all cables.

Do made an effort to remove and re-insert all cables.

Before you proceed, all the devices have to switch Off first.


Check the ONT on the light indicated as LOC if it is Red mean internet connection cut-off.

Most important is the Fibre cable connection.

On both green end of the Fibre cable, push firmly in and Not forced.

Do it on other cables, as sometimes for no reason, the cable could be loose.



As for your caller-id, do call the HOTline to remind them again.



As someone mentioned,  Oh the problem will go away, by itself.