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Access control on D link 865L

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Access control on D link 865L

Is there any way for me to block my maid device only for certain hour of the day? I realise if I use d link access control function it can block ip address however if I turn off the router and user who join our wireless network again it will be random assigned to a different ip address? So blocking ip address dont seem to be effective.


Re: Access control on D link 865L

One way is to assign a guest zone SSID for your maid only.  Set the schedule for this guest zone to the hours you allow access.

It's explained in the user manual under Guest Zone.


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Re: Access control on D link 865L

yup thats what i did for my household.. !

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Re: Access control on D link 865L

@WeiSheng Using Guest access would be the best alternative for you at the moment. In this way you're able to seperate the general household uses as well as friend or family who are visiting you.

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Re: Access control on D link 865L

Hi All


@WeiSheng   fyi.


IP Address.

Starhub did not provide any permanent static IP Address at all.

When you switch off and later switch on, the same IP Address is still the same.



Somehow, i did discovered that static IP Address is not permenent to a specific address.

Last month, when somehow my connection seem to be having unstable connection &or lost connection.

My usual speed is around 200+ Mbps (on 500Mbps plan) because i use laptop max at 300Mbps only.

This is the steps i did.

Disable both wired & wireless adapter on my laptop.

Switch off all devices, ONT Router Laptops, including mobile data disable.

Leave it for a longer period.

Then switch on the ONT first, next Router to wait all light stable.

Switch on the Laptop, and wait for the OS to stable.

Then enable the wireless adapter on the laptop.

Then go to Starhub website to test the speed.

The 1st test is no more  150Mbps.

Then take the 2nd test, and speed is my normal at 200Mbps.


Upon checking the IP Address, it have change!!!


Go to another laptop for wired connection.

Connect the ethernet cable and switch on the laptop.

And enable the wired adapter properties of the adapter.

Did the first test, which is also around 150Mbps.

The 2nd test speed is almost near to 500Mbps, as according to my plan.


Check the IP Address, Confirmed, the  IP Address have change!!!



Meaning, Disable all wired & wireless adapters, as this will consider a new sign-up.

Upon connection, a new IP Address will be assisgn to.


Before this incident, i did receive a email from Starhub that there are going to do something about IP Address, seeking which options i prefer.

So, this will definitely confirmed Starhub is only assign the non-pernament IP Address.

Upon enable the adapter properties, the System recongnised i am on 500Mbps plan, and have no IP Address found, so provided an another IP Address.




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Re: Access control on D link 865L

you can use add DHCP reservation so that the device in this list will always be assigned the specific
IP address. (Internal 192.168.0.???).  Then you can setup access control on this device and IP.