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Able to use wifi but no internet connection

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Able to use wifi but no internet connection

my router is on green light but why i doesnt have internet connection on my mobile? I called 1633 to check the connection but they say they need to find up the problem n get back to me within 24hrs...I'm very disappoint with starhub services because this is already my third time having this internet problem after i recontract my fibre..pls solved the problem asap..

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Re: Able to use wifi but no internet connection

@Phyllis low,


Perhaps you could provide the model of your modem/routern as well as the plan you're currently on? fibre/cable? 


where are the cable installed?

which cable is to the lan port and which cable is to the Internet port?


did you try doing and direct ONT connection to see if able to surf internet?


Fibre termination point -----> Fibre Modem ------> Computer



CATV point ------> Cable modem -------> Computer




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Re: Able to use wifi but no internet connection

Hi @Phyllis low

I have sent you a PM.

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