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5-room BTO Home Networking with 2 routers

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5-room BTO Home Networking with 2 routers



I just got my renovation completed on 5 room BTO and to share my home networking per picture below. I have just installed and activated Fibre Broadband 1Gbps today. I have not tested the speed yet but need to seek advice from expert here to check if this setup will have any weakness or bottleneck (for example reduced speed)?


My objectives are (1) strong wifi coverage for whole house; (2) strong wired connection for Data Point 1 to 4.


Your comments are greatly appreciated.



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Re: 5-room BTO Home Networking with 2 routers

Hi  @Zh3nJi3


Of the 2 routers, which router has better/stronger wireless signal.

Better router is for connect direct to ONT -->> TP and for wireless.

Using router in that position for wireless may not be good.

As it have to go thru 3 walls, especially for room-1.


Using router to connect to TV, are you referring to Starhub IPTV.

For Starhub IPTV, it need direct connection to ONT port 2, as port 1 is for internet.

IPTV required direct connections, and do not work if connect thru router, will have no signal.

Anyway, you may need to do some testing in order which routers & position is better, in wireless.


Funny things is that there are 2 users post about this, click;

1.   Home Network  

2.   Starhub Fibre Broadband



I will be using a D-Link "8-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch"  model DGS-1008A as alternative to getting 2nd router.

I will be moving to new HDB 5-rooms and now planning, that is why i bought that D-Link.

My flat is identical to yours, but opposite, meaning the Living room on the right.

Hence i may postion TP & ONT & Router D-link DIR-868L on the outside wall of "H Shelter" which is between main door & kitchen.

Whereas, for the 2nd router/repeater, it may be in my room (room-2) to add printer & HDD server, if nec.


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Re: 5-room BTO Home Networking with 2 routers

Hi @eric3743,


I do not subscribe Starhub IPTV, it's just normal Smart TV which require either wired / wireless connection.


Personally I have tried position the DIR-868L router in utility box beside main door as wireless access point but the signal became very weak at master bedroom. So my idea is to shift the wireless access point to living room and broadcast with 2nd router, while the 1st router remain at utility box as LAN connection to all data points.


I will try out the connection and speed and share again.


Could you share how would you use your D-Link 8 port switch?

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Re: 5-room BTO Home Networking with 2 routers

Hi  @Zh3nJi3


I have not really used it, as i did a test; as my flat will take about 2 - 4 months, not yet take the keys.


About D-Link 8 ports switch.

The switch is about the size of those external 3.5 HDD.

Come with power adapter. No ethernet cables.

From the Router connect to any 1 of the 8 ports, as it can sense as input (from router) &or output (devices).

Take note that connection is by using the ethernet cables.

Refer to the link:



Are you using the 5GHz for wireless maybe much better, as i find 2.4GHz is too slow.

Nowadays most phones are dual band, so receiving 5GHz band is not an issue.

Most probably also that the walls are different from the past, as just 1 wall, Note Edge & S6, speed about 300Mbps.

Also 2.4GHz may have issue as most cordless phone are also using 2.4GHz, and other devices, incl microwave.


Wireless is always be a problem due to obstruction and interference.

As you have 2 routers, maybe use the other router as repeater/bridge, either by ethernet cable or wireless.

Do note that i am not internet geek, so i unable advice you on the setup/setting/config.

As far as i know, both SSID on the router & repeater is the same.

That is because i was involved in this trial on Auto-Zoning, but still required assistance from this group.

The purpose of the trial is to ensure devices using wireless, and moving around, the device will continue to have wireless connection from router/repeater which have the stronger signal.

Maybe you can do a search either in this or other forums, as there are people who will be able to assist.


Thanks for reading.

I usually write a long story, as just ranting.