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1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

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1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Well, I have just got my super duper slow speed internet activated and it's terrible! Having read the other issues that others are having I wish I had not of subscribed. Very disappointing. Super slow speeds on all devices with wifi and direct LAN connection. I have rebooted all devices on a daily basis now for the past 3 days and still the same issue. Can Starhub fix this?1Gbps on a LAN connection at 9pm on 7th June 20171Gbps on a LAN connection at 9pm on 7th June 2017

Grand Guru

Re: 1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Do use Starhub speedtest, link; >> Starhub Local Speedtest


You need to wire connect, via LAN cable at least Cat-5E and above for 1Gbps.

Do connect directly between the ONT and computer via LAN cable.

For 1Gbps plan, for speed above 600+Mbps is acceptable.


If the speedtest still show such low speed, then at this moment do contact HOTline 1633 directly to Tech support line, Not CS.

The tech support support will at this moment do a check at their end on your connection.

Should the staff acknowledge it, then do follow the steps as advice by the staff to Refresh IP for you.

If not, you may insist the staff to Refresh as you had just sign-up this 1Gbps plan.

The online support may take several minutes and do follow the staff procedure.

Should the tech support line is busy, do it at a later time, as they may be providing the support to other customers.


Hope this may resolve your issue, as it did so for me.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: 1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Thanks Eric,

i have done just that and spoke to the Tech Support and send them a few screen shots on the speeds, slow speeds. They said they will monitor over 24hr and call me back after that. Thanks for the info. 

Hope they will do something faster than the speed :-) 


Grand Guru

Re: 1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Thanks for the reply,


Should they unable to resolve, there is one other point as i forgot to mentioned.


EDIT: Let Starhub check on their end and if they still maintain that their end has no issue.


Do try to reset the router, as this may help, unless yours is a new router.


For router DLink DIR-868L which is commonly use by Starhub, do note that the firmware version should be version 1.09SHC (SHC mean for Starhub broadband users)

In the browser, input:

The version will be seen on top right next to the Hardware Version: A1

As some router are still on version 1.06SHC


For this matter, you can contact DLink Tech support hotline 6501 4200

Refer to this link: >> Manufacturer Service center

They will guide you to update the firmware and reset the router, as this improved on wireless.

I did went thru both Starhub tech and follow by DLink tech in order to enable my new 1Gbps to be stable.

Again if the hotline is busy, do contact later as this may take several minutes to resolve.


This is a guide should the connection is not stable.

As it is better to contact at the moment of the unstable connection.

If not, waiting for them to response at that moment, your connection might seem have no issue.





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Re: 1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Hi HotRod, should the issues persist after trying out Eric and our tech support's troubleshooting guide, send me a pm with your account details and I'll arrange for further assistance. Thanks! -Jolene 

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Re: 1Gbps Internet Connection Issue

Thanks for all the advice.

i assume the cables are all cat 5 as they were all installed by the starhub tech. 


But thanks for the info and looking forward to have a good internet connection.