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1GBPS Plan is really slow

Respected Commentator

1GBPS Plan is really slow

My dad subscribes to the $49.90/mth 1GBPS plan. 



Huawei ONT (Black Colour) Model : HG8240H

Router: DIR-868L


I have been using the router first when my father redeemed it under the StarHub Rewards system, when we still had 100mbps broadband. The funny thing is , after upgrading, the speed has no difference. The range is also really poor. (maybe it is the fact that my house is a 5 room flat and there are many hard to reach places. ) The WiFi is so unbelievably slow, that streaming slows down and has to buffer all the time. Download speeds are also slow. Loading speeds are also slow. 


Anyone got a solution? Is it the router? Should I tell my dad to replace the router , ask Starhub to check the ONT or are there other solutions? Anyone got solutions to share? Please do!

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Re: 1GBPS Plan is really slow

Personally i  never been a fan of wireless connection as the speed will be compromised due to the several limitations in place.


See here on the limitations being explained by Starhub:


In my opinion, nothing beats having a wired connection as it is the most reliable form of connection. Hence it is suggested to wired up your home with DATA point to acehive the maximum speed output. However this option is little pricey.