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Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi Smallspider,

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you mind sharing the steps on how to disable IPv6 on the router pleaese? Thanks.
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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

It's been 5 days since SH tech came to resolve my issue. So far internet lost once. But recovered a few seconds later. They set the channel selection to manual from automatic. 

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Tested the speed this evening. My starhub plan is Maxinfinity 500Mbps Speedboost. 


Using LAN cable connected to EA7500, I get around 466Mbps download speed.


But when I use wireless from EA7500 and stand about just 4m from router, I get only 287Mbps download speed (using Starhub Speed Test). Readings from Linksys SmartWifi speed test even worst. Only 150.24Mpbs. Is this normal?


EA7500 via wireless Linksys Speed Test.JPGEA7500 via wireless.JPG

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500



Dont have access to my pc now but I briefly recall the steps to you. Go into the router settings on desktop web browser. IPv6 settings should be under connectivity or internet settings eg. It should be set as automatic, enabled by default or with a check box. Just disable it. Leave IPv4 as default. Remember to save settings then restart your router and also re connect your devices you had problems with then try again. Works for me when I tested after. Do update if it works for you too. Thanks to Shaiful. 


Regarding your wifi speed, it's never faster than LAN and should not be measured to check your subscribed speed. Limited by your device wifi capabilities, along with multiple other factors. But anyway to clear your doubt, my phones run on wifi about the same speed as yours. LAN runs fine at subscribed speed around 1Gbps. 

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Agree with you on speed.


Advertising Wireless Speed is never accurate. If they say your lan speed is 1Gbps, just divide by half. It depends as well on where u placed your router. On top of that, interference on the whole house surroundings. Too factors to consider especially nowadays as there are so many electrical appliances which use radiowaves.


Only wired directly to your comp, you will be able to enjoy the speed you paid for.


I am on 1Gbps plan and my wireless speed is around 450-500Mbps. Wired, I am getting 890-950Mbps. 

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi  danlovesgem,


The statements on your post regarding to getting half of the subscribed plan is partial right & wrong.

This theory is for using wireless repeater which will retain 50% of the subscribed speed plan on the wireless repeater.

Hence any wireless clients may be able to connect up to that speed.


Whereas the theory on internal connection speed is not related to subscribed speed plan.

For routers on the advertised wireless speed is depend on the router, such as 1300Mbps.

Refer to link on; > Wireless Technologies & Limitations

The chart on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz (Theoretical) are the same as what router manufacturer websites will indicate.


There are Apps available to be able to check on the actual connection speed between routers and phones.

"WiFi Overview 360" App which i use to check, although there are several apps able to.


There is a way to know what is your phone wireless limit.

Download WiFi Overview 360 App.

Open the App and it will scan to show the result.

On top there is indicated:


Connected net:  linksys-5GHz   (this is SSID as name is unique and which end "5GHz" band)

The IP of your phone ...  Channel number ...   Speed 866 Mbps 

The Speed may not be fixed as mine max at 866Mbps but at times can be varies and below the 866Mbps max; Example; 780, 640, 702, etc.

Hence this means the router DLink 868L connection speed to my S7 Edge is 866 Mbps, which has nothing to do with any plans.

This 866 Mbps connection speed is Internal between router and phone communication.

This 866 Mbps connection speed is also same for between both DLink DIR-868L routers, via wireless repeater mode.


Whereas using Ookla speedtest is based on actual connection to external ~ internet surf which may varies from 200+ to 500 Mbps, usually download is the lower than upload.

Do note that it cannot reached the 100% of the internal connection speed.

That is the connection speed is managed and controlled at the ISP end before exit to internet.

This is the subscribed speed plan.


Therefore if one do not need to have high connection speed, by subscribing to 500Mbps plan, you still be able to get the same speed for the phones.

Also do take note that subscribed plan speed is shared once it is from the ONT.

Too many devices having connections at the same time may slow down in one way or another.

It is the Router that have the features to manage the traffic and speed to each device.


Beside there are also interference as mentioned in that link.

Other interference &or important thing to take note is the Wireless Channels of the routers.

Changing and selecting a better channel is one way to ensure Wifi signal is great and stable.




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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Thanks for the instructions, Smallspiderpig. 


I have disabled the IPv6 and will monitor. Upload and download speed are still very much the same as shown in my earlier screenshots. But some of the sites that I go to seem smoother now. So it may be an issue that some of these sites/server may be using only IPv4. Even though EA7500 may have double stack, but using only IPv4 may be more "straightforward" for the router to cope. This is just my layman conclusion. I am not a technical person afterall so may be wrong in my assumptions. I stand corrected . 

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi  ckmeng1,


This so-called IPv6 may not have anything to do with your devices connected to the router.


From my laptop on both wired and wireless connection status, the IPv6 Connectivity indicated as No internet access.


What i meant is that router settings should leave it as default.

If not and if there are devices are do need such IPv6 features available.

It is at the clients & devices settings to check and decide if there is a need to have or not.

As some devices may required but others may not at all.


As for your wireless speed there are also other reasons to it.

For my laptop my wireless is max 300Mbps and will not go beyong 200Mbps.

And to take into consideration on the distance, it can affect the connection speed.

On 5GHz it is consider good for short distance, with 2.4GHz for the rest including obstacles.


The fact is your wired connection is considered good at 466Mbps for 500Mbps plan.

Please refer to this link for wired connection; > MaxInfinity Fibre Broadband


As for this Linksys SmartWifi speed test which may not give a good reading.

It do not provide the server location which is important for speed test on whether it is local or international connection, and which ISP server as the subscribed ISP should be selected.

If using phone there are Apps available for speedtest such as Ookla App & other apps.

For computer Ookla speedtest is available but the reading could be better as direct.


Lastly as beside Wireless Channels of the Router as mentioned in my above post.

Updating on firmware on routers and computer network may help to resolve wireless issue.




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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500



mine is as shown. 




mine is set so. is it best?

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi  SkyDreamerZ,


Notice that the 802.11 Mode --- Mixed 802.11ac


Not sure on just one 802.11ac is good or not.


This may affect other devices that is not "ac" mode that able to use 5GHz band.

Meaning that other devices do not have "ac" mode will not benefit on using 5GHz band.


I do have a tablet which is not "ac" mode but can detect 5GHz band.

Although not real "ac" mode but can use 5GHz band which is faster than 2.4GHz, except it would not be at par with devices with "ac" mode.


As mine is all, refer to other thread post pictures.


Maybe should leave it as default where it show all the modes.