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Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

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Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Just got the brand new router and I thought it will perform better than the old dlink 868L but it does not seems like it. I have updated to the latest firmware, followed the set up instructions from the box, set the down stream bandwidth to 1024000 kbps, and change channel on 5ghz to 44 and rebooted the router after everything. But the download speed is only about 200 mps on my Samsung S8. Dlink was 300+ mps. Is there any other settings which i need to do to optimize the speed? Thanks!

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Most likely it depend on the devices itself.


In my case the default is auto, no change in the settings.


Test based on 1Gbps fibre broadband and both routers are in bridge mode connect via WAN port.

As the Main router next to ONT is DLink 868L.

>> ONT -->> DLink 86L (1st router) --> HUB --> room Data Point -> Hub -> DLink / Linksys routers.


For Linksys EA7500 as Bridge mode [WAN Port]

Devices:  S6 = ~500Mbps;  S7 & S7 Edge = ~350Mbps


For DLink 868L as Bridge mode [WAN Port].  Note: DLink 868L firmware 1.09SHC latest.

Devices:  S6 = ~400Mbps;  S7 & S7 Edge = ~470Mbps

This is the same if using the Main router DLink 868L connect next to ONT.


As you can see the results, using S7 as similar to S8 in spec, there is definite a lot of difference between the speed on both Routers.

Whereas the S6 has better speed using Linksys EA7500 than the DLink 868L routers.


I am using this method to avoid the issue of multi IP, should i occasionally do test routers.

As most Routers do retain any previous IP and may conflict &or cause connections issue if swap.

I had encountered this when trying to swap used &or existing routers to connect direct to ONT.


Should you want to change the IP &or afraid to have multi IP &or connection issue as in on/off.

Contact HOTline 1633 direct to Broadband Tech support line, not CS.

Request the staff to do Refresh your IP, follow the instruction; the staff can check on their end if you do have multi IP or not.

The procedure may take several minutes, so do call later if the line is busy with another user online.

This is your decision.



i am not starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

eric thanks for the reply.


I have tried on multiple devices (iMac, iPad, Asus laptop (wired), Huawei P10) and they are all performing worst than when I was using dlink 868L. In addition to that, the internet connection keeps dropping every now and then. I have also rebooted the router with all setting on auto but it is not helping either. 


It's difficult to get hold of Starhub but I will still try. Meanwhile anyway that you think I can troubleshoot by myself? Thanks.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hey Tcc333, sorry to hear that you've been having trouble contacting StarHub.  Please contact me via private message with your NRIC/FIN, StarHub account number, email and mobile so that I can verify your account and forward your issue to the relevant team. - Sal

- Sal
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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

PM sent. Appreciate your help. Thanks!

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

I am having the same issues. Just recontract 1Gbps fibre broadband which comes with the Linksys EA7500. Installed on 21st Aug. Previous router was the Dlink 868. The current setup feels slow, browser takes longer to load a page and frequently will just pause and wait. At time will disconnect. The settings are still left at default from the installation by Starhub technician.

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi @Kenny_, does restarting the broadband equipment helps? - Sofia

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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Hi Sofia,


  I have resetted the router and modem, it help a bit in the beginning, then the lag started again. Websites seems to take longer to load, Youtube, will frequently see the rotating buffering animation while the video pauses before continuing. 


 Just the first night with the new Linksys router and it doesn't seem very promising. I am thinking of switching back to the Dlink 868 one. It should still work right? Do I need to configure anything to switch back to the Dlink?

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500

Quick check - have you completed your router setup and upgraded the firmware after you've installed the Linksys router? 
1) Connect via LAN cable from any Router's LAN port to computer/laptop.
2) At the browser, input; >>  or as indicated in the Quick Start Guide.
3) Follow the Quick Start Guide to do the router setup.
4) Finally after upgrading the firmware, which may take up to 7 minutes, continue to sign-up and install Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.

If this does not help, do try switching to your old router to see if the lag issues start up again.


- Amy
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Re: Slow speed on new Linksys EA7500


I have tried that but it did not work. Starhub engineer came down last weekend and has verified that the new router is faulty. Old router is able to achieve the required speed. I have already arranged for a replacement and hopefully that will solve the issue.