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Slow performance on new EA8100

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Slow performance on new EA8100

I just recontracted with starhub and got the new linksys EA8100 router to relieve my old tplink one. The new router connects to the ONT, and then connects via ethernet to 2 other downstream routers in bridge mode to provide coverage in other rooms.

Since the installation, I've noticed my wifi performance on my mobile devices is significantly slower. Some apps take minutes loading before reaching the main screen, and sending pictures on whatsapp, or downloading/updating apps all take a while before starting. This is regardless which of the 3 routers I'm connected to, and affects all mobile devices I've tried so far.

I've tried looking at the router admin page to see if there are any strange settings that may be causing this, but so far I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

Does anyone have a similar experience with this router?


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Re: Slow performance on new EA8100



How did you swap from previous TP-Link to this Linksys EA8100 and follow any procedure.


Best to connect Linksys EA8100 to computer via LAN cable to check on the connection is stable or not.

And maybe run > Starhub Local Speedtest


Understand this router on > Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) - FAQs

You may have to turn off this DFS to see if it works better or not.




i am not starhub staff.


Re: Slow performance on new EA8100

Hi Galapogos, have you tried powering off and on the main power to your router and ONT/modem to refresh the signal?


If the issue still persist even after rebooting your devices, kindly PM us the image of the ONT and Router LED status and your details (Registered Name, Registered Mobile Number and Hub ID/Email Address) >> HERE << to assist you further. Thank you.

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Re: Slow performance on new EA8100

Yes I have. The problem has actually evolved to be a different, but worse one. Now I get internet for a few minutes, then my router starts blinking and I get no more internet until I reboot...and I have rebooted many times already. Called 1633 yesterday and a technician will be coming today. Looks like I got a lemon router Smiley Sad