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DCM-712 Cable Modem for Digitial Voice

New Commentator

DCM-712 Cable Modem for Digitial Voice

I have just purchased this modem as my very old 13-year modem has now malfunction.


To my great dismay, the first thing I discover is that the technical support link for D-link as printed in the brochure inside the packaging is incorrect. After I called up, the person - from a call centre - told me that they don't support this particular model and after a quick check on d-link website, I also realised there isn't such a product.


On the other hand, after I plug in, I noticed that the Tel 1 and Tel 2 keep switching places and is always blinking.


I have no idea what "VoIP Provisioning" mean... All i know that I pay 59 SGD for it and I cannot use my phone.


Some one please help.


Alumni (Retired)

Re: DCM-712 Cable Modem for Digitial Voice

Hi @ gtbgtb


Has the issue resolved itself after restarting your modem and router separately to refresh network connection? 


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, account details, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll be in touch. 


- Amy