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Cable TV to Fibre TV

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Cable TV to Fibre TV


Currently I am on Cable TV and would like to know more about Fibre TV for equipment setup. Especially, the connection cable requirement. Coz my TV is not placed near the ONT so what and how many cables need to run across to connect the from ONT to TV? Please kindly advise. Thanks


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Chin FK

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Re: Cable TV to Fibre TV

I have asked Starhub the same question today when I went to one of the shops to upgrade for HomeHub 1000. Your home Termination Point must be within 2m from your TV. If not, you may have to engage Starhub (S$107) or independant contract to lay cable to provide data point (network access point ?) near your TV. Also, top-set box may need to be swapped with Starhub to be Fibre TV compatible.

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Re: Cable TV to Fibre TV

Hi  @CharlieCFK


Firstly, you need to have Fibre Broadband service in order to have IPTV.

This is required as it need the ONT (modem) to use the Port-2 for IPTV.

If without Fibre Broadband service, you cannot have IPTV.


For connecting from ONT port-2 to TV.

If it is not within 2 metre, it is ok as it can do cabling from ONT to TV.

Mostly this 1st pair (on both end, ONT & TV) of cabling depend on situation.

If there is a telephone point near the TV, this can be converted to Data point for IPTV connection.

If not, the cabling will required.

The charges for one pair is $107.00  depend on the package you are subscribe to.

You need to confirm before the installation start.

If you are unsure, do write to forum staff to assist you on this matter.


Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber name, NRIC/FIN number, &or other services, and any other details; including, the sales staff that attend to you at which Starhub shop & date/time.


PM @Jolene_L  or  Santosh Rai  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?


For me, the connection using data point conversion is free for 1st pair. 

That is i am consider new customer for my new flat; as i am still using the existing connection in my current flat.


To understand further: Additional features between Cable & IPTV.

IPTV can view on 1 channel & record another channel.

The Set-Top box rental is $6.42 /box/month.

For recording, additional charges of $4.28 /month.





I am not Starhub staff &or related to.


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Re: Cable TV to Fibre TV


Converting the telephone line connector point to Data point is it done by Starhub techician or I need to engage someone to do it? Kindly advise. Thanks



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Re: Cable TV to Fibre TV

Convert from  telephone line connector point to Data point is done by Starhub.

This depend on your package on whether it include free 1 connection.

The Starhub staff will do and decide what is best for you.


As in my case, i have 1 free cabling connection and was thinking to add another pair of data points.

But under the advice by Starhub staff, they did it using telephone line.

This is due to the fact that i want to have the IPTV in my bedroom.

But due to my renovation contract failed to use Cat6 cable, the staff told me that IPTV can use Cat5e so he make some adjustment for me, free.

Whereas using telephone line which is Cat6, according to him that HDB for new flat to use Cat6.

So he make the necessary changes, and i saved some money.