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"" scam featuring StarHub logo "giving away" expensive phones and tablets


"" scam featuring StarHub logo "giving away" expensive phones and tablets

Hi everyone,


Over the last few days, I stumbled upon this popup on my mobile browser and also noted that several customers had contacted us via Facebook to ask about the same. This is indeed a scam. Please do not attempt to answer any questions or follow any instructions on the page. Close the tab and treat the page, that you stumbled upon this popup on, as suspicious from now on. 


This is a worldwide scam targetting many internet users. From my analysis, the site detects the IP address of the visitor to determine their country of origin and ISP (Yes, that is public information) and the information is used in real time to generate a "familiar" webpage by displaying the ISP's logo and colour theme. It is no rocket science but they're just hoping to trick the X% of vulnerable population who may fall for this trickery. 


If you would like to report new phishing/scam sites and emails, we now have a public email address for everyone. Please send all information to While the team may not be able to reply everyone, please be assured that all reports are taken seriously. Actions that we can take include blocking the domain from our own network to protect our customers or, if possible, escalation to the domain registrar / web hosting company to take down the site. Stay vigilant and help alert your family and friends who may be vulnerable to such scams! 




Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub Smiley Happy