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Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

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Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

To Whom It May Concern,


I have a deposit with Starhub for a postpaid contract which I have been subscribed to for five years. Since I shall be posted overseas next month, I have come up with a decision to end my contract. Since my bill due date is either on the third or fourth of every month, can I pay in advance for this month, have the refund processed & have my contract terminated on the next due date? Also how long does it take for Starhub to refund my deposit?

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Re: Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

Hi  @dzayb


Do submit your termination of your contact to the link;

Do include your overseas address, contact and email that you wish to be informed, &or communicate.


Do send your subscriber details via
by clicking on 'Ask an Account Related Question'
and including your StarHub Community user name,
so that the customer support can check on this accordingly.



Suggest you not to do this way, as it may cause other problems to pop-up.

As you do have a deposit with Starhub, wait for the FINAL bill which may take 2 -4 weeks.

As there are plenty of options on the payment, such as; Credit / debit card, etc.

This is to avoid unneccessary mis-communication &or other issue.


Also as you know the date of your bills, this FINAL bill may be different, as may not be the regular bill date.

There is one issue you may overlook, that is your advanced payment may not be include in the FINAL bill, hence this may cause unneccessary issue.

For FINAL bill, this means that the Customer have to pay in full upon receiving.

Then there will be a Bill after the FINAL bill will be $zero amount, as closing the account.

As for any "refund" as in most Companies, this may take about 4 - 6 weeks.

As you need to know how the Accounts dept on processing in most Companies work.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

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Re: Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

Please don't take offend, as this is my way of saying, or ranting on the issue.



"Termination by next due date."


Termination is process upon the Customer request.

You can include this in your submission, but do note that other problems may also pop-up.


Let say you call to terminate next month on certain date.

You left and switch off your phone.

When the bill arrived to you, and it include many other unknown calls, with a lot of $$.

To this, you are responsible for this amount even if you said never make all these calls.

That is why, termination &or temporary suspension, are done immediately.



As far as i did know, termination is immediate, within an hour.

Even calling to terminate by certain date, the CS staff will not accept, but ask the customer to wait for that date.

I did this before, the hotline staff told me to call on the day i want to terminate.


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Re: Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

Hi  @dzayb


Sorry, its me, i hope you don't mind.


For Termination of contract, pls refer to the  Early Termination Charges


Whether you terminate now or on the due date of next bill, there is no difference.

If you can notice that it is calculated as pro-rate accordingly to your monthly plan subscription.


Once you inform them that is to terminate, in this way, your mobile line will immediately terminated.


The decision is up to you.


Thank you for reading.


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Re: Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

Thank you for your responses & no offense taken. I called Starhub yesterday & the representative from the billing department informed me that I could process the refund of my deposit WITHOUT terminating my mobile services since I already do not have any contract with them (I never recontract in those 5 years). She also says someone will call me in 3 working days about it. For some unknown reason, I am doubtful of that. My gut tells me the person over the phone was also unsure. My only concern is, if I have to wait for the final bill (Which I do not mind) & have it terminated then, there may have a problem with the refund of my deposit as I have read from the threads here at Starhub itself. Not to mention, the tedious follow ups & international calls I may need to make. It's kind of frustrating. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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Re: Terminate Contract, Claim Deposit Procedure

Hi dzayb, 

Do PM me your account details so that we can escalate to the relevant teams to solve your issue as soon as possible. 

How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?

Thank you