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Recontract and relocation fee waiver

New Commentator

Recontract and relocation fee waiver

Hi, my StarHub TV and Broadband contract is ending on 05 Feb 2019. As I’m moving house on 29 Jan 2019, I am looking to re-contract and seek a waiver of relocation fees for my TV and Broadband services to my new address. I contacted StarHub Customer Affairs and their response is nothing short of embarrassing for a company which is espousing “Hello Change”. I'm not sure if they are unable or unwilling to do anything more, but it makes no economic sense for me to re-contract at this point. Do assist, thanks.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Recontract and relocation fee waiver

Hi othao


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this with us.


We're currently reviewing the transformation of our home services and will consider this as well when planning the changes to our services.


At this time, you can look out for our updated promotions from time to time to check out the latest promotions available.


- Amy