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Poor customer service

Esteemed Commentator

Poor customer service

I am displeased and very disappointed with Starhub customer service today. Two points:-


1) I am at Marine parade branch earlier, and was served by your staff Alan Lee.
I was fine being served by a monotonic person, as I understand that today is the launch of Iphone 6s for starhub. He must had a tough morning.

Firstly, I clarified the stated queue waiting time is 3 hours and decided to get a queue number for the new iphone 6s. After verification, he told me that I have to clear my outstanding balance, which is fair, as this is the normal practice by starhub. I told him that I understand and I will clear it together when I settle the payment for the phone. He then told me that I have to clear for the outstanding bill before I can get for a queue number, hence I asked for the amount that I have to clear. The amount he mentioned seemed like the last payment I made to starhub is not reflected in the system. So I asked for the date of last payment I made and date of the outstanding amount invoice he mentioned. I told him that if I make this payment of what he stated, I will get a negative balance the following month, however I start to feel his attitude and he merely kept quiet not advising any constructive solution. The silence went on like 10 seconds. So to cut off the awkward silence, I asked if I can produce the receipt it will settle the issue right? He then replied yes and printed the queue number, handed it to me without even looking at me. This staff of yours has serious attitude problem.


2) When I first decided to go for the queue was because I saw the stock availibility for the Iphone 6S space gray 64mb. After waiting about 3 hours, about 5 more to my number being called, I realise that the space gray 64GB was out of stock, which is what I wanted ideally. This is secondly pissed me off again. Is the branch not taking note of what model, color your customer want and issue queue ticket blindly OR am I the only who was given a blind queue ticket and wasted my time there? I remembered last two years when I purchased Iphone 5s from starhub, the branch receptionist confirmed that I will get my ideal phone before handing me a queue ticket.


Lastly, I hope that Starhub can take this complaint seriously.


Thank you.

Best Regards,


Community Manager

Re: Poor customer service

Hi Chia GX,

We note that our colleague from Parkway shop had contacted you regarding your feedback. Should you require further assistance, do let us know.

Thank you

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