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Limit to send PM

Home Networking Expert

Limit to send PM

what do i have to do or what can I do? I've already deleted almost all old messages....


Grand Guru

Re: Limit to send PM



I think it is the system error.

Even one of the forum staff is also having mailbox issue.


Seem that you are not the only one having this mailbox problems.

There are already some users did encountered this issues.


In the past i did encountered such problem to the point i created another user just to PM.

Another time was that i need to Send immediately and cannot do any Preview which will indicated error & aborted.

Even i do still have issue as some topics i cannot post to.




Respected Advocate

Re: Limit to send PM

Yes. I encountered the same problem too when I tried to PM CSO.

And then the problem just went away after a day or so.

Not sure what happened.
Community Manager

Re: Limit to send PM

Hi, please  click here to send us your details. I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you - Josephine