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Hub Club Membership

New Commentator

Hub Club Membership



I have questions regarding the hub club benefit, which allow us to renew mobile contract every 12 months with 200 dollars waived.


-> I have existing 4G mobile plan with starhub.

-> I will sign up for starhub fibre internet.

-> Is Starhub Go (Go select - 9.90 dollar per month) considered as Starhub TV?


If i have all the above three (4G postpaid, fibre internet, starhub go), am I entitiled the benefit mentioned above?


THank you. 

Grand Guru

Re: Hub Club Membership

Hi  @SP_G


For to be a Hub Club member, the requirement is to have 3 main services;

They are; namely;  Mobile, Broadband, TV, services.


Starhub Go app is not consider as TV services.

This Starhub Go app is for anyone /everyone who want to enjoy TV on-the-go.


Starhub TV service is on either Cable TV or IPTV (thru fibre broadband) with Set-top box as rental.

You can either combine both Fibre Broadband and TV as HomeHub or HomeHub Go plans.

For HomeHub or HomeHub Go plans, and the benefit, refer to this link; HomeHub plans  


For the hub club benefit, you are entitle to renew 1 mobile recontract every 12 months condition'

1.   Once all the 3 main Services are activated, namely, Mobile, Broadband & TV, you can start to recontract; provided,

2.  The mobile contract must have completed 12 months of the existing mobile contract.

Early recontract for 4G plan is $300 and as hub club member the waiver of $200, hence top-up $100.




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

Valued Advisor

Re: Hub Club Membership

Are you aware of the early recontracting fee of $300?


I feel Starhub is not transparent enough.  It tries to create impression that you can always change phone every 12 months (instead of 21 months). But in reality HubClub membe still need to pay extra $100 if you want to do recontract after 12 months.


They are trying to play with words here. Even if you are not HubClub members you can also still renew your contact and get new phones (but pay $300).


I don't know I can get cheated for years or they really change the T&C? 

Community Manager

Re: Hub Club Membership

Hi lingua101


Do consider trading in your phone to reduce the early recontract fees. 


Hope this helps and happy holidays! Smiley Happy 


- Jackson
Valued Advisor

Re: Hub Club Membership

Jackson, that does not resolve the issue that Starhub is not being transparent in their marketing collateral.


As our most valued customers, Hub Club members enjoy exclusive benefits that include:

  • Receive Hub Club's Welcome Bonus of 300 Rewards points
  • Handset upgrades every 12 months of active mobile subscription (Waiver of $200 Early Mobile Recontract fee)

That's above, means the handset upgrades every 12 months should only be enjoyed by Starhub most valued customers.  This is not true as anyone can do that (provided they pay early recontracting fee).  So the handset upgrades is defnitly not an exclusive benefit.


Secondly, if Starhub argue because as HubClub member we get $200 waiver.  But please, your early recontracting fee is $300.  Please make sure, you make is absolutly clear rather than trying to misled people as if the early recontracing fee is "fully" waive off as the HubClub member is the most valued customer.


I am just getting tired to deal with any organizations that not very transparent and trying to hide here and there.