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Enquiry to reset hub id

New Commentator

Enquiry to reset hub id

Hi starhub, i would like to change my hub id but i have forgotten the email associated to this account and i have not verified the hub account yet. May i know how do i change the email so i can access the email to verify the account and change my hub id?

Grand Guru

Re: Enquiry to reset hub id

Hi  @Chong Yong


Forgot your Hub iD, you can reset yourself.


1.  Go to and click on the Login on the top right.

2.  At the Hub iD Login, just below the 'Hub iD', click Forgot your Hub iD?

3.  At the next screen, follow the instruction; input NRIC...

4.  With your Hub iD, the next is Password, click  Forgot your Password?

5.  Follow the instruction and you may able to complete and already login.


Note:  If it mentioned Email address is taken/used, then you need to use another email address as temporary to complete the whole process.

After sucessfully log-in, then you may able to edit and change your email to your primary email address.



I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Enquiry to reset hub id

Hi Chong Yong, should you be unable to change your Hub iD after following the steps mentioned by @eric3743, drop me a PM with your full name, Hub iD, Nric, StarHub Account number and email address, we can assist to reset it backend. Thank you