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Digital Voice problem

Honored Contributor

Digital Voice problem

I have a Digital Voice line via cable modem at home.


My home is a combined flat of 2 units.

The cable modem has always been at the original unit.

End May/early June the cable modem is moved to the other unit, the phone line was still working.


Today (19/7/2016) I recontracted the fiber broadband using the Starhub online store and within hours the Digital Voice line became unusable. Only the first 2 lights from the top are lit. When the cable modem is switched on and off the third light went blinking for a long time but it never progress.


What is the problem? Is it because the cable modem "relocated"?

But my father say the 2 units are under the original unit's address. Thanks

Grand Guru

Re: Digital Voice problem

Hi  @blandlife


Fibre Broadband, alone do not include digital voice.


HomeHub do include digital voice.


For benefit of doubt, do PM  Ng Wei Hao  or  Santosh Rai with your subscriber detail to assist you.


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

Honored Contributor

Re: Digital Voice problem

Hi eric,

I understand that Fibre Broadband does not include DV.
Its just that the problem happened after I did the Fibre recontract.

My Digital Voice is standalone and I'm not subscribed to the HomeHub package.
Alumni (Retired)

Re: Digital Voice problem

Hi blandlife, 

Have received your PM and has escalated to the relevant team. Would update you soon. 

Thank You Smiley Happy

Honored Contributor

Re: Digital Voice problem

Ok, the problem was resolved by moving the cable modem back to its original position.

My dad was pretty against moving it in the first place as he couldn't see how it would affect the service.