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Banner carousel next button not working on Chrome

Respected Commentator

Banner carousel next button not working on Chrome

When using Chrome 46 on Windows the "Next/previous" buttons on the top banner caroussel of this community are not reacting. E.g. the cursor turns into a hand, but clicking does nothing.

No problem when using Microsoft Edge browser though.


Is this a known issue?

Grand Guru

Re: Banner carousel next button not working on Chrome

Try not to create too many posts &or thread for just one question.

I was misled by your statements.


Write and test.


Go to Chrome ->  Help and about ->  About Google Chrome.

Update Chrome    Version 46.0.2490.80 m



It is only in the Edit mode. 

Not an issue.

After Post it adjusted by itself.


Nobody will bother about this, as it is in the EDIT mode only.


Don't bother Starhub Technician, as they have other important tasks.

Such as customers are really having issue with connection, setting, etc.


Maybe do ask yourself, what happen when you have connection problems, and the technician reply that someone is complaining or wanted to know about THIS problems.

How would you feel.


I won't be surprise that nobody will follow up with you on this ERROR.

Do be considerate to others.


This is what i will say again, as you are not the only user here complained on very minor issue.

Such as i encountered;

1.  How come the ping is so high. No connection issue at all.

2.  Why my games setting weird or something. Lucky someone point to the poster to the correct forum to ask, instead on here.


Sorry i have to say this again.

Be considerate to others customers.