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Walked over 1000 Miles

Walked Over 1000 Miles

Walked over 1000 Miles

Walked Over 1000 Miles


A fool’s errand!” they said. Many have dismissed my mission.


Fancy me having only $170 in my pocket, a journal and a small rucksack on my back, I walked all the way from Singapore to Myanmar, got myself deported back when I unknowingly crossed illegally into India's border! And now I am on my way again.


"Why did you walk?" they asked me. I don't know exactly but I felt compelled to be on this pilgrimage to explore grace, kindness and expressions of divine humanity.


Join me as I bring you bite-sized stories of my journey into the unknown as I #WalkedOver1000Miles.


I am roaming in the world hassle-free with StarHub RoamEasy.


July 2014

MalaysiaConquering the World One Step at a Time

MalaysiaA Golden Globe in the Sky


August 2014

MalaysiaCertainty of the Uncertain 

Malaysia/ThailandCrashed, Bitten and Bleeding 

Thailand - Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder 

Thailand Journeyed Into the Unknown

Thailand Nature Is and Always Will be the Greatest of Healers


September 2014

ThailandMapping Out with Just These Legs

ThailandDepth of a Stranger's Heart

ThailandThe Power of Gesturing and Google Translate

ThailandThe Historian in You

ThailandThe Seed of Life


October 2014

ThailandThe Walk to Soul Reflection

Myanmar - Journey Into Familiarisation

Myanmar - It is Not Always Smooth Sailing

Myanmar - The Rule of Three

Myanmar - Walked The Path of Serenity 

Myanmar - Part I: The Road to Mandalay

Myanmar - Part II: The Road to Mandalay

Myanmar - Part III: The Road to Mandalay


November 2014
Myanmar -  Tough on Front

Myanmar -  The Signs of Beating Exhaustion

Myanmar -  The Start of an End 

Myanmar -  Story Behind The Lens


December 2015

IndiaEnd is the New Beginning

IndiaJourney of Dreams

IndiaThe Mystery and Beauty of Life

IndiaInto The Woods

IndiaBuckled Up Strong with Three Legs


January 2015

IndiaAdapting to the Work and Behaviour of Nature

IndiaDestination in Near Sight

IndiaThe Lesson of Starting Anew

IndiaThe Question of What Next

NepalThe Heart Must Love


February 2015

NepalJourney Through Time

NepalPart I: Two Conflicting Hearts Coming As One

NepalPart II: Two Conflicting Hearts Coming As One

NepalNature at its Best

NepalCollided with The Little One



Android™ Expert

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

What is the driving factor that lead Daniel Lim to take this journey?
Honored Commentator

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

Keep walking.. how I wish I can join him
dun ask me anything i am a noob
Honored Advisor

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

with a pair of shoes for the whole jorney?


Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

Wow, this takes full determination and commitment to complete the whole journey. Very encouraging indeed. Wish you all the best.
Esteemed Consultant

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

Mmm.....I smell ghandi....for a good cause.....go ahead....100% support!
New Commentator

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

An inspiring journey! Go Daniel!

Senior Commentator

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. Even Daniel's venture has a starting point, but how many people actually have the determination to take the first step? Admire your courage to start this journey. Keep going Daniel!

Trusted Commentator

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

You are admirable!

Respected Commentator

Re: Walked over 1000 Miles

I am impressed with your determination.