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StarHub Community Leaderboard

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StarHub Community Leaderboard

Welcome to StarHub Community Leaderboard.




The StarHub Community Leaderboard recognizes the valuable contributions from the members on StarHub Community. The goal is to promote participation and some healthy competition, giving credit and visibility to the people who contribute the most in the community. Although there is a score, this is not a game, so we hope community members don’t try to game the system for personal benefit.

Reputation Points reflect activities since the launch of StarHub Community (October 2012) and it will be updated every quarter.


Reputation Points are awarded for the followings:


Community Post 1 point 
Like Received 2 points
Answer Accepted as Solution 5 points

Rank Username Reputation Points
1 IncTEh 2629
2 rsn 1684
3 ReignOfComputer 1078
4 kon_sg 1030
5 razerpro 632
6 Gunz 630
7 Khai 610
8 Tan 599
9 Jamz 482
10 Polarbear 366
11 sfans 362
12 eric3743 355
13 petra74 274
14 Qwerty 223
15 Eronec 223
16 sglnx 212
17 d 211
18 Aprizal 204
19 JellyFish 175
20 Supernovaa 169
21 Wurlitzer 167
22 Nagaplz 146
23 elyap 141
24 nightfly 129
25 Ah-Pin-Kor 125

(Updated 14 April 2015) 


If you have any questions about the leaderboard, feel free to e-mail us at


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Android™ Expert

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

Wow what have I been doing these 2 years? hahaha
I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.
Alumni (Retired)

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

No updates to the leaderboard?
Community Sheriff

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

Somehow I missed this.......hmmmmm....looks like I need a kife...offline.... Smiley Happy
Alumni (Retired)

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

@Tan  Look out for details coming your way!  Stick around SHC yeah?  Smiley Wink


@razerpro  More updates to the leaderboard is underway! Smiley Wink

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Community Sheriff

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

@MY post....I mean...get a life....offline.....
Alumni (Retired)

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

@Tan you are still alright. It is @IncTEh who SERIOUSLY need a life OFFLINE.
Alumni (Retired)

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

@NickF can't wait to see it

Grand Guru

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard


No. quoted from @Tan "orh, paiseh, was half drunk and absolutely sleepy when I posted"

As he mentioned in the previous thread post


Alumni (Retired)

Re: StarHub Community Leaderboard

@eric3743 that is a very rare case.

@Tan is ǧ??????