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StarHub Community All-Stars Program

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StarHub Community All-Stars Program

About our StarHub Community All-Stars Program


In 2013, we introduced the Sparklers Club Program, which recognizes StarHub Community’s advocates. This program ran for the past one year with our amazing group of thought leaders. We are delighted to announce a new program at SCREAM14 in 2014 recognizing the very best and top contributors and advocates. Sparklers Club continues to be our base of advocates for us to tap into when we have new products and services to be tested.


StarHub Community All-Stars Program aims to recognize StarHub Community's top contributors advocates and the different level of participation that make up our amazing community, both online and offline.

To assist in the selection process, we have incorporated a scoring system that takes into consideration the contribution, level of participation and unique expertise portrayed.


The three types of membership:


StarHub Community's top advocates who have contributed greatly to the community by sharing their expertise. They actively contribute to the community by helping other community users and play a part in our product innovation. They are the top 3 members in the scoring system to become the celebrities of StarHub Community.


Top contributors who are valued by StarHub Community and other community members. They actively participate in discussion, engage other community users, share their knowledge and provide constructive feedbacks. They are ranked 4th to 10th in the scoring system.


Exceptional individuals who share their experience and knowledge with the community. They are the influencers in their industry and experts in their area of expertise. They have established an unique relationship with StarHub Community through their active participation and community users engagement that are beyond our core offerings.











Rewards & Benefits

1) Invitation to StarHub Community Stars gathering

2) Early access to beta programs and invitation to proide feedback on new products and services

3) Invitations to participate in case studies, focus groups and media opportunities

4) Opportunity to be branded as StarHub Community's experts

5) Opportunity to be the moderator of StarHub Community


Selection Process

1) You must be a StarHub Community Sparklers Club Member first.

2) Superstars and Rock Stars are selected based on their scoring, taking into account participation on the community and StarHub Community events over the past 12 months.

3) Heroes are nominated by StarHub Community for their contribution to StarHub Community, as well as their help spreading the love for StarHub Community and the practice of creating an pleasant customer experience.

4) All members will need to re-qualify annually.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact


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