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Margarette doesn't need to be sarcastic

New Commentator

Margarette doesn't need to be sarcastic

Dear Starhub,


I have considered long enough if I should write to you, but honestly I was really upset. This incident happened on 29th July 2017 (Saturday) at Starhub counter 10, NEX Shopping Mall, around 4.00pm to 5.00pm, we didn’t have a pleasant experience with your staff, Margerette (If I spell her name correctly) with a Filipino english accent.


Remember, that day I wasn’t feeling very well recovering from food poisoning but, my husband insisted that he should re-contract his services with Starhub and also to buy a new phone (Samsung S8). We took a number and waited for our turn, not long later, we were directed to Counter 10 where Margerette served us. My husbands had a few questions on the packages and add ons, unfortunately Margerette seems to be impatient with us quickly.


I then, proceed to ask her some questions regarding $18 credit which I reloaded few weeks back but was not reflected in my balance. At this point, she got very impatient and the tell-tale, she merely entertained us with answers like, “maybe you did not switch off your data”. The way she stared at us, like as if I’m there to cheat $18 bucks out of her. She did not show interest in assisting us, her answers were merely to brush us off like, “I’m just reading from the system only, I’m not the expert, there’s nothing I can do about it”.


The breaking point was when she flaunts her sarcasm skills, “So what do you want me to do? Return you the $18?” Before I could say anything she then continued, “I’m sorry ma’am, we cannot do that”. Felt humiliated =( I wanted to confront her for being impolite, but my husband gave me an eye contact to let it go. I have to swallow it by taking a deep breathe and look away.


Starhub, you know, it was not my fault that Margarette hates her job. Clearly, our intention is only to find out how did we utilised the $18 reload credit or has it gone missing and Margarette choose to make me feel unwelcomed. I am educated enough to understand the policy, just she could’ve put it in a nicer way. There is no need for her to take it personally and be so impolite. 


I too, took time to come to your store, took a que number waited for our turn to ask the questions. It wasn't very fair if she felt that we wasted her time for asking too many questions. But I’m sure you didn’t put a limit to 5 questions per customer.


My whole family has been using Starhub for decades, was it really that wrong to ask you a few more extra questions to have a better understanding? This keep playing in my mind, “So what do you want me to do? Return you the $18? Sorry, can't do that...” I mean if you can’t do it, you wouldn't offer in the first place. She should have keep it to herself instead of taking it on us, the customers. I regret her actions is purely to make me sound stupid.


Day in day out, I’m sure your staff will meet difficult customers. I saw from the counter that you put a note that reads something like you valued your staff and you reserve the rights to not serve abusive customers. Then, I understand where did the courage came from, that is why Margarette can play victim because she is protected. That doesn't give her the rights to harass me.


I am just one of your millions customer, but I hope you value my sincere feedback. Customer is not always right, but also not always wrong.

Community Manager

Re: Margarette doesn't need to be sarcastic

We're very concerned to hear about this incident, @ Vonni3. Please send me your NRIC/FIN number, account details, contact number and e-mail via Private Message so I can arrange follow up to investigate this issue.

- Amy