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Good job to Starhub for making countless EMPTY PROMISES!

Senior Commentator

Good job to Starhub for making countless EMPTY PROMISES!

Congratulations to Starhub for being so good in these area:


  1. Making countless PROMISES, and never DELIVER.

  2. Getting customer to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.....


Here is the story if you are interested:


13 November 2018: I did an online purchase for an iPhone XR on the 11/11 Online Sale. (Order Confirmation ID: CR18111350772) which is scheduled to be delivered to my home on 16 November 2018, 11.00-13.00


16 November 2018: Starhub FAIL to deliver the phone. I called Starhub hotline and was told that the 11/11 sale was overwhelming and could not deliver the phone on that time. Starhub FAIL to inform me about this earlier on and just let customer wait at home for nothing. I made another call to the Starhub hotline and spoke to a customer service manager (Mohan). He informed me that he will get the delivery team to contact me by the same day for the new delivery timing. Starhub delivery team FAIL to call me that day.


17 November 2018: I made another call to Starhub hotline and insisted to speak to the same customer service manager, but as he was not around, another customer service rep handle the case instead. I have proposed to collect the phone myself in any Starhub shop but was told that this option is not possible. Why is Starhub so rigid? Instead, I was given the option to cancel the online purchase and proceed to Starhub Shop to repurchase the phone under the same 11/11 online deal, and Starhub will then cancel and refund the online purchase which I did on 13 November.


18 November 2018: I went to Starhub shop Causeway Point to purchase the phone and sign up the plan.

18 November 2018 (23:26): I received an email from with a Refund Form to be filled up. I was really shocked when the email states that the refund process will take 4 to 6 weeks! Why Starhub takes so long to refund to the customer when the phone never even gets delivered? This was  entirely a mistake and failure on Starhub itself, and why make customer wait for such a long time for the refund?


19 November 2018 (09:27): I filled up the Refund Form and sent it back to

19 November 2018 (19:06): Instead of receiving an email acknowlegment, I received yet another identical email from asking me to filled up the Refund Form again.

19 November 2018 (20:11): I resent the completed Refund Form to and specifically requested an acknowledgement email from Starhub. Starhub has FAILED again. No acknowledgement email at all.


First week of December: I made a call to Starhub customer service hotline to check on the status of the refund, but was advised by Jamie that it was currently in process. Still within the 4-6 weeks timeframe.


26 December 2018: 6 weeks has already passed. Starhub has FAIL to refund the money back as promised. I made another call to Starhub customer service hotline and insisted to speak to a customer service manager. But as the customer service rep (Oshi) could not get hold of any manager, she "promised" that she will escalate this case to higher management and "promised" will call me back on the next working day to update on the status.


27 Decemeber 2018: Starhub (Oshi) has FAILED again to call me back.


28 Decemeber 2018: Checked with the bank and there was no refund from Starhub. Bank requested to get transaction confirmation from Starhub for the refund transaction.


28 December 2018: Called customer service hotline, and Lexi from the Billing Department mentioned that Starhub has completed the refund process and the transaction has already taken place on 28th Dec. I was advised to check with my bank again as the transactions might take "some time".


31 December 2018: Checked with the bank but no refund transaction.


31 December 2018: Called the customer service hotline, and was advised by service rep (Itoo) that she will look into it and said will call me back, but I insisted to speak to Lexi from the Billing Department. Lexi was not around, so the call was routed to Celeste, who is also from the Billing Department. She checked with the Refund Department and confirmed that the refund has already taken place on 28 December 2018. I insisted for a transaction confirmation or reference with my bank, but she can't provide the document as it was not from her Billing department. So, I insisted to speak to someone from the Refund Department. The call is then routed to Belinda and she also confirmed that the refund has taken place on 28 December 2018. I requested for the transaction confirmation and she PROMISED (Starhub's #1 word) that she will send the refund confirmation to my email address. The call was ended and I patiently waited for the email. It never came.


1 January 2019: Happy New Year.


2 January 2019: No email from Starhub on the transaction confirmation. I also checked with the bank again, there was no refund transaction from Starhub. As Starhub could not even provide the confirmation, I wonder if the so-called "refund" ever took place!


To the Starhub community here, can someone advise me on how to proceed? I have given up on calling Starhub customer service hotline again. Thanks!

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