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New Commentator


I would like to take the opportunity to commend one of your General Service Hotline Interns, Raihan (Recontract Eligibility).


I was facing technical problems with the Starhub Online 11/11 Sale, where I was unable to proceed to the Delivery stage of the Order Configuration despite trying repeatedly over the course of 3 days.


Before speaking to Raihan, I had already made at least 3 calls to your Service Hotline, but got very poor responses, with unfulfilled promises that my calls would be returned the following day. One service staff in particular (whose name I unfortunately neglected to obtain), even promised that I would receive a call the next day, without even bothering to obtain my phone number/contact details, or verify my personal information. After 2 days of waiting, I had not gotten any updates regarding my problem.


As a result, I was already very frustrated with the service provided, having been lied to, and was already considering terminating my contract when I first spoke to Raihan. Beyond having a good understanding of his job scope (he was able to effeciently answer my questions regarding termination penalties/ termination process, etc), Raihan also displayed initative and care in trying to understand my frustration. He also volunteered to escalate the issue to the relevant personnel for me, and pledged to get back to me personally once he received any updates, a promise he kept when he called me back the next day with a solution. Even if he had not been able to solve my issue, his willingness to take ownership of his work alone is admirable, and he deserves commendation for his passion to serve. That he was able to successfully solve my problem where so many others had failed/not bothered further emphasizes his excellent service.