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Subtiles again and some really weird censorship?

Honored Contributor

Subtiles again and some really weird censorship?

Was watching “Making a dictator” on Nat Geo. Tying to watch anyways. There were clips where the subject is speaking in a foreign language (Clips of Mobutu) and once again, the English subtitles are partially obscured by Mandarin subtitles. 


Starhub, if you’re going to insist on providing a comprised viewing experience for those of us who don’t read mandarin, you jolly well better charge us less. 


Also, the show had some really weird censorship going on. Every time the narrator mentioned a certain word, the narration was muted, sometimes at the end of or even mid sentence. It’s obvious, weird and really stupid. My best guess is that the word was “communism”. Please clarify. 

Community Manager

Re: Subtiles again and some really weird censorship?

We are checking on this, Buzzed. We'll get back to you with updates. 

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