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Lousy Program with No Subtitles

Respected Contributor

Lousy Program with No Subtitles

I am really disappointed with Starhub removal of the Discovery Network channels. And if that is not bad enough, the new channels are lousy and there is no subtitle.


I hope Starhub is still looking to bring back the Discovery Channels. If not, I will definitely be moving all my services to Singtel next year.

Respected Advocate

Re: Lousy Program with No Subtitles

While I agree that most of the replacement channels are subpar if you make a like-for-like comparison eg makeful vs HGTV or Gutso vs AFC/Food Network, not all the new channels are terrible.


CuriosityStream is a fantastic addition. Definitely better than what was shown on Discovery/Science.


It's time to move on. Discovery plays hardball and bites the dust. Frankly, I'm not upset at how Starhub has handled the situation. I would be more upset if Starhub has capitulated and we all ended up paying $5 or $10 a month extra just to keep Discovery channels. Some say they dun mind paying, but not all feel the same way.


I think it's a little pathetic that Discovery continues to run promos on Starhub channels even after they cease transmission.


And what Discovery do to SH, they will surely do to Singtel next when the contract is up for renewal. Hopefully, Singtel will also dig its heel and not capitulated to Discovery's demands.


Only what that happens maybe Discovery will be more reasonable with their demands. And hopefully makes a come back on SH. If it happens, it will be a bonus. If not, lives go on. 

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Lousy Program with No Subtitles

Hi AntzN, I'm sorry to see your post. We're unable to bring back the Discovery channels. We hope that you'll give the new channels a chance as they are award winning channels. We are working with our content partners to get the subtitles up and running as soon as possible, please hang in there with us. -Jolene  

Honored Contributor

Re: Lousy Program with No Subtitles

Since these are new channels without subtitles, perhaps starhub can make the subtitles optional for once. Instead of the usual excuse of “subtitles are from content provider” starhub keeps coming up with.