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Gusto, Curiosity Stream, TravelXP - so called Discovery replacement channels

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Re: Gusto, Curiosity Stream, TravelXP - so called Discovery replacement channels

I hate to admit it but even CurioistyStream has failed to live up to its hype.


After the initial gush of 'fresh' shows (duh all the initial showing are new) there has been a dread of new shows forthcoming. Which is a crime considering that Curiosity has an extensive library of shows that have yet to be shown.


In some ways, it's the same with Smithsonian Channel. Extensive depth of available shows but very few make it on our screens.


I know I beat up Discovery channels during its dispute with Starhub but even with its degrading program quality, there was always a few new premieres every month. 


And has anyone noticed that A&E channels (ie History, H2, CI) shows are degrading at an alarming rate? There have not been many new shows in recent months, the localised website/schedule has stopped working. This may be a precursor that A&E channels may be the next to go. 

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Re: Gusto, Curiosity Stream, TravelXP - so called Discovery replacement channels

I’ve noticed as well. Starhub is in a very unenviable position; the market is small, they’ve probably penetrated the historical market as much as it is possible to and the market is moving more towards ‘wirecutters’ (people who use streaming services rather that traditional broadcasters). Rather then upping their game and leveraging on new technologies and providing better services, quality etc, they seem to be hell bent on alienating their customer base. Take this forum for instance, it really is a waste of time to air issues here and expect help from starhub other then “send me a PM” which usually amounts to nothing. Their fiber IPTV service is subjectively (and technically as far as I have discovered) inferior in quality compared to cable. Their insistence on plastering large burned in subtitles all over their shows is at odds with providing customers a high quality viewing experience (yes, the subtitles issues is a real bugbear for me). The Samsung STB is a joke, laggy and buggy as heck. Netflix on my appletv is a breeze and looks great compared to the Samsung box.  Want to record a show? Buy a hard drive and pay starhub for the privilege (compared to the previous STB). And as mentioned many times, CONTENT. At the end of the day, content is king and they are losing out there as well. They seem to be doing what every company in a death spiral does; try charging more for providing less with whatever fewer customers you have. Looks like the new CEO is from that school of thought. Twice I’ve wanted to cancel my subscription but didn’t because of one thing; the wife insists on having certain news channels but even now she’s thinking it might not be worth it when it’s available so easily online. 


So yeah, writings on the wall. Discovery tried their luck to see what they could get away with and starhub stood their ground. Agree with that or not, expect more content providers to follow suit. This is all about money at the end of the day. $$


Just had to rant. Smiley Happy